Lime Chocolate Candy

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You know those cute little chocolate confections you always see at Christmas time in a box that are shaped like an orange cut into wedges just like an orange?  The most popular selling flavor is the chocolate orange.  But this one company used to also make these in LIME (though shaped like an orange) and man, oh, MAN, that one was to die for!  I bought one every year!!  Then all of a sudden in around 2008, I could no longer find it anywhere to save my life!!  Not even at Cost Plus World Market Imports, where they still carried the orange and raspberry ones.  World Market told me they thought the lime variety (and most of their flavors) had been discontinued.

So I decided to try to make something similar today myself, as we just loved that lime candy!  Just made my basic low-carb chocolate bark recipe and just added one of my favorite citrus flavorings:  Boyajian Lime Oil.  BAM!  That’s real close to the chocolate limes I’m remembering!!  If you’re not familiar with Boyajian Citrus Oils, you’ve just GOT to get the Mini Box of lemon, lime and orange.  They are fantastic and last a very long time, as you use so little in a recipe (couple drops).  Best $10 you’ll ever spend in the kitchen!

This recipe is suitable for all phases of Atkins, Keto diets and Paleo-Primal if you use ghee for the butter.

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2 sticks unsalted butter

1/4 c. unsweetened cocoa powder, sifted

12-16 drops liquid Splenda (I used 16 because I like my candy sweet)

1 pkt. stevia

1/8 tsp. Boyajian Lime Oil

DIRECTIONS:   Place butter in 8×11″ metal baking pan and pop into oven at 350º until butter is just melted.  Remove and stir in lime oil and liquid sweetener.  Mix well.  You can either wait and add the stevia later, to taste, or go on and add it now to the cocoa powder in a small bowl.  Sift the mixture over the butter surface.  Using a rubber spatula, stir well, pressing out any cocoa lumps that form.  From here, you have two options.  Either pop pan into freezer on level surface for about 30 minutes.  OR you can pour mixture carefully into silicone candy molds totally 48 pieces.  If done in the pan, cut into exactly 48 pieces (6×8) and using a thin metal spatula, gently lift out each piece to a lidded storage container.   If using molds, pop each piece out and place in a lidded storage container.  Must be stored in refrigerator (or freezer) at all times.  Eat them fast or it will melt in your fingers, but that’s not a problem for me!

NUTRITIONAL INFO: Makes 48 pieces, each contains:

35 calories, 3.88 g  fat, 0.26 g  carbs, 0.13 g  fiber, 0.13 g  NET CARBS, 0.12 g  protein, 1 mg. sodium


5 thoughts on “Lime Chocolate Candy

  1. I know this is a very old post, but maybe you will see it.
    I do not like lime, nor do I like any citrus chocolate combination (So many people love orange/chocolate, but not me!)
    You mentioned that you used your basic chocolate bark recipe in this recipe. I did a search for your Chocolate bark recipe, but it did not turn up, and is not in this Candies list. So is the only difference that you added lime flavoring to your chocolate bark recipe, so I could just use this recipe and omit the lime oil?
    My husband asked me last night if we could make a chocolate candy, so I’m on the search today for a good chocolate candy recipe. I naturally turned to you as a place to look.

    1. I don’t know much about essential oils as I’ve never bought any. But from my reading, I didn’t think they were for human consumption, but rather just for skin/external use and aroma therapy or candle making. The Boyajian I mention int he recipe smells and tastes just like the oil you can squeeze out of a lime peel if you bend it backwards with your fingers. If your oil is THAT intense and you’re certain it is for internal use, then try it.

      1. Thank you, Peggy. The Boyajian oil definitely sounds like the right thing to use for these. If I do try the essential oil, though, I will proceed with caution and only use a drop or two. This recipe sounds so good for my low-carb sweet tooth!!

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