Coconut Cake


I tried my hand at a classic coconut cake shortly after I began low-carbing.   It has always been a favorite of mine.  So I thought I’d share it with you today.  It’s a great way to get some coconut and coconut oil into your diet!  With all the eggs that coconut flour requires, this is a costly cake to make.  It is not as white and light as traditional coconut cakes, but with all the coconut oil and butter, this cake certainly doesn’t want for moisture.  I iced my two layer cake with whipped cream to which I added some dehydrated coconut milk powder for stabilizing and a pinch of coconut flavoring, but you could certainly use whatever cream cheese or coconut frosting you prefer.  This recipe isn’t suitable until the nuts rung of Phase 2 of Atkins.  It is suitable for Keto if you can fit the carbs into your daily limits.

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½ c. butter, unsalted, softened

1/3 c. coconut oil (melted)

12 medium-large eggs

3/4 c. sugar-free syrup (vanilla or coconut)

¼ c. erythritol

2 tsp. vanilla

1 tsp. almond extract

1/3 c. Carbquik bake mix (use Jennifer Eloff’s Gluten-Free Bake Mix for gluten-free version)

3/4 c. coconut flour

2 T. oat fiber

1 tsp. glucomannan powder or xanthan gum (texture enhancers)

1/4 tsp. salt

2 tsp. baking powder

For frosting:  1 c. whipping cream, 2 tsp. Coconutti extract (or 1 tsp. regular coconut extract), 6 drops liquid sucralose, and either 1 T. coconut milk powder or 1/8 tsp. glucomannan powder to stabilize.

VARIATION:  Add 1/2 cup chopped pecans or walnuts.

DIRECTIONS:  Preheat oven to 350º. Line the bottom of two 9″ cake pans with either parchment or waxed paper.  Grease the sides of the pan with coconut oil and set them aside while you mix up the batter.  In a large bowl, soften the butter and coconut oil and beat well until smooth.  Beat in the eggs.  Add erythritol and syrup.  Stir well.  Measure and add in all dry ingredients.  Beat with a spoon until smooth.  Scrape batter as evenly as possible into the two prepared pans.  Bake in preheated 350º oven for 30-35 minutes.  Toothpick check the center to make certain it comes out dry.  Remove and cool completely before attempting to frost.

While cakes are cooling, make the frosting.  Whip the cream until thick.  Stir in 2 tsp. Coconutti extract (or 1 tsp. other coconut extract), the liquid sucralose and the coconut milk powder and stir well.  When cakes have totally cooled, place one on a serving plate.  Spoon a thin layer of frosting on the bottom layer.  Place second layer on top and ice the top and sides with remaining frosting.  Sprinkle a tiny bit of toasted coconut on top if desired.  Keep this cake (and all low-carb cakes) refrigerated when not serving/consuming.  I highly recommend removing it from the refrigeratore for 1 hour before serving.  It gets fairly “dense” when chilled due to the coconut oil in it.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:   Makes 10 servings, each contains:

373 calories, 32.46 g  fat, 14.82 g  carbs, 8.8 g  fiber, 6.02 g  NET CARBS, 11.0 g  protein, 24.8 mg sodium


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