Einkorn Dinner Rolls

Einkorn Dinner Rolls (2)

These will make a lovely addition to your Holiday feast this year.  I often double this recipe and make a loaf as well as a batch of rolls.  This freezes nicely. 🙂  They are my best low-carb dinner rolls to date and now my go-to recipe!  Soft inside; slightly chewy crust and a marvelous flavor.  And they rose up nicer than any I’ve made before!

My Inspiration for these is a bread recipe of Maria Emmerich.  I made several changes and am quite pleased with my results. My husband even said these were quite good hot out of the oven with butter, and he’s hard to please with low-carb baked goods.  These have a nice mouth feel one finds in a good traditional yeast bread.  I even included some dissolved yeast but that’s just added for flavor.

These should make very nice sliders, too.  Here’s a close-up on the smooth texture:

I order my non-GMO Einkorn flour direct from Jovial Foods.  Some have found it at Safeway and other stores, but I’ve not been so lucky.  Einkorn is an ancient form of wheat, that has not been hybridized.  I use only the tiniest amounts in recipes as it brings so much texture and flavor for little added carbs.  This recipe is not suitable until you are near goal weight (Pre-Maintenance on Atkins).

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VARIATION:   Sprinkle and press on some of my 8-Seed Blend on the tops of the rolls before baking:


½ c. almond flour

2 T. Einkorn flour (use 2 T. more almond flour for gluten-free version)

½ c. egg white protein powder (I use NOW brand)

2 T. oat fiber (use 100% certified gluten-free oat flour for gluten free version)

2 T. coconut flour

1 T. baking powder

2 T. golden flax meal (dark flax or a mixture can be used for a darker, nuttier-tasting bread)

¼ tsp. sea salt

3 T. psyllium husk powder (I use NOW brand)


1 tsp. dry yeast dissolved in 2 T. warm water + pinch sugar (consumed by yeast)

5 large eggs, beaten

3 T. olive oil

¼ c. egg whites (I used the ones in a carton)

½ c. boiling water (added last)

DIRECTIONS:  Preheat oven to 350º.  Grease or oil a standard muffin tin and set aside.    Dissolve yeast in 2 T. warm water and add a tiny pinch sugar.  Set aside.  In a large mixing bowl, measure out all dry ingredients.  Stir well.  In another medium bowl, add the first 5 wet ingredients (all but the boiling water) and beat with a fork.  Add the dissolved yeast mixture to the wet ingredients and stir.   Now add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and beat well using a rubber spatula. Slowly add the boiling water to the batter and stir to blend. Batter will be lumpy.  Now, using a whisk, beat until batter is smoother (about 15 times is all it should take).  Spoon batter into greased muffin tin cups 3/4 full evenly distributing the batter as best you can.  I actually used a silicone muffin pan.  Bake at 350º for around 30 minutes, but check them at 20 minutes as ovens vary. If not firm and dry to touch on tops, cook 5 or so minutes longer.  Remove from oven and in a few minutes, lift out with knife tip or tip onto board to finish cooling.  Serve warm.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:   Makes 12 dinner rolls, each contains:

123 calories, 8.56 g fat, 6.53 g carbs, 3.93 g fiber, 2.6 g NET CARBS, 4.85 g protein, 222 mg sodium

6 thoughts on “Einkorn Dinner Rolls

    1. Subs in bread recipes can be really risky. Most grocery stores carry powdered egg whites in the baking dept. You can use real egg whites. The formula on my carton: 2 T. egg white powder + 6 T. water=2 whole egg whites. So you’d want to use 4 real egg whites and perhaps reduce the hot water by 2-3 T. to compensate for the moisture difference. But understand you will be “experimenting” making the change. Sadly, nobody I have recommended this to has ever come back to tell me if that worked for them or not. If you try it, I hope you will let me know if it worked and gave you a result that at least looks like the photo and whether you liked them. I have made this recipe (both as a loaf and rolls) numerous times now and they cook perfectly for me………..but I never deviate from the recipe one iota.

  1. Hi, Barb! Hope you are improving health-wise. Just two here, too. They should keep a week in a bag in your fridge. Breads, as a rule, whether low-carb or not, will freeze well for up to a month. Any longer and they usually dry out beyond usability.

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