Banana “Bran” Muffins

Banana Bran Muffins

These delicious banana muffins are reminiscent of the banana bran muffins I grew up on.  But wheat bran is just to high in carbs to use anymore. I find flax meal (some dark and some light) is a good substitute for bran flavor.   This recipe was inspired by a recipe of BigDumbBear on the old Atkins forums.  I finally tried them BDB and they are a wonderful way to get 9 muffins at a time.  I added some whey protein powder, some banana and banana flavoring and VOILA!  A tasty morning or afternoon tea muffin that is only 1.87 net carbs!  And so nutritious, these.   This will make 6 larger muffins, but I used a silicone pane with smaller cups and I got 9 out of this batter.  Numbers are calculated for 9 small muffins.  This recipe is not suitable for Induction unless you omit the banana and double the flavoring extract.  It is suitable once you begin to re-introduce the higher carb fruits like bananas.  It is suitable for Keto diets as well.


½   a 6″ small banana, mashed (omit for Induction)

4 extra large eggs, beaten (or 5 large)

2 T. coconut oil (or oil of choice)

1 tsp. banana emulsion or extract (2 tsp. if still in Induction & omitting the real banana)

1½ c. golden flax meal (1 c. golden+½ c. dark for a grainier taste)

2 T. plain, unsweetened whey protein powder

7-9 light shakes KAL pure stevia (around 1/8 tsp.)

couple dashes salt

1½ T. baking powder

DIRECTIONS:  Preheat oven to 350º.  Using a brush, oil the slots of a muffin pan with a dab of oil in each.  I used a silicone pan and only 9 of the slots.  Peel and mash the half banana in a medium mixing bowl.  Add beaten eggs, oil, banana emulsion/extract and stir well.  Measure the dry ingredients on top and beat to a smooth batter.  Let sit a couple minutes as it will swell a bit.  Dip  evenly into the 9 (or 6 larger) slots of your muffin pan.  Pop into 350º oven and bake for around 20 minutes or until lightly browned and dry to touch in the center. Remove from oven and let them sit a couple minutes.   Pop out and serve hot with butter or at room temperature.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:  Make 9 small muffins, each contains:

59 calories, 13.4 g fat, 7.21 g carbs, 5.24 g fiber, 1.87 g NET CARBS  (2.8 net carbs if you only make 6), 7.43 g protein, 116 mg sodium

2 thoughts on “Banana “Bran” Muffins

  1. Maria

    Peggy these look delicious, and at only 1.87 net carbs, even better! One question, dumb as it may be: when you say ‘beat’, you do mean with an electric mixer right? I’m hoping the answer is no , but I’ll go along with your response :). Many thanks for all you do.

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