Lemon-Coconut Fat Bombs!

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This recipe was inspired by a Lemon Fat Bomb recipe posted by Widget over on LowCarbFriends forums:  http://www.lowcarbfriends.com/bbs/lowcarb-recipe-help-suggestions/795430-lemon-fat-bomb.html. I subbed in coconut cream for the sour cream; subbed in lemon zest for the extract.  I added coconut, and also increased lemon juice quite a bit, as I wanted them pretty tart!  These have a WONDERFUL punch of lemon and a subtle flavor of coconut.  They are a delightful sweet treat for any low-carber!  My thanks to Widget for this idea!  These will make my regular dessert recipe rotations.  Not acceptable however until the nuts and seeds rung of the Atkins OWL carb ladder.  I had to use a larger than usual mold to make these tonight, so it made 12  logs that were 2½” x 1″.  My smaller candy mold was in the freezer with a chocolate version not yet set.   I will not make these treats that large in future as they are pretty rich.  I will make the smaller squares.  I have therefore worked up the nutritional information for 24 pieces (not the 12 shown above) as that size is an adequate portion of these rich, delicious goodies. I see a lime-coconut version next time…..or cherry, or rum-raisin, or lime, or……………….! 🙂

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1 stick (4 oz.) unsalted butter

3/4 c. coconut oil

1 oz. unsweetened, shredded coconut

zest of 2 small lemons

juice of 2 small lemons

4 oz. cream cheese

¼ c. coconut cream (kind with no added sugar)

sweetener of your choice  to taste

DIRECTIONS:   Soften cream cheese however you prefer to do that.  Set aside.  Melt butter and coconut oil in a medium saucepan over medium heat. Add zest and lemon juice and stir.  Add coconut.  Add coconut cream and finally, the soft cream cheese.  Whip all ingredients with a whisk until as smooth as you can get it.  Don’t worry if the cream cheese appears to separate, as that will not be noticed in the final frozen candies.  Slowly add your sweetener tasting as you do so until you get it as sweet as you like such things.  Remember if you use sweeteners with carbs, you must add those to the numbers below.  Using a 2 T. measuring cup or spoon, dip mixture evenly into 24 candy mold slots (if using silicon molds, set them on a metal pan so the liquid will not spill when lifted) or into paper or foil liners designed for making candy.  Transfer to the freezer for 30 or more minutes, seeing that the mold is level in the freezer.    Pop them out when set and ENJOY right from the freezer!  Store the leftover candies in a plastic bag in your freezer until ready to eat.  These are suitable once you have reached Atkins Phase 2 and for most Keto diets.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:   Makes 24 small candies about 1½” x 1½”, each one will have:

122 calories, 13.7 g  fat, 0.91 g  carbs, 0.29 g  fiber, 0.62 g NET CARBS, 0.5 g  protein, 15.3 mg sodium

(For those interested, entire recipe contains 2929 calories, 329 g  fat, 21.8 g  carbs, 6.9 g  fiber, 14.9 g  net carbs, 12 g protein)

2 thoughts on “Lemon-Coconut Fat Bombs!

    1. I don’t eat a lot of desserts, I just make them for my husband. I don’t have a one single sweetener preference. I usually use blends of 2 sweeteners, which Dr. Atkins said in his DANDR book was most effective for sweetening. Most often I bake with a blend of 2 parts Splenda and 1 part erythritol. I usually use 3 sweeteners in all chocolate desserts, adding a little stevia to that blend. For coffee or other beverages, I use a dash of stevia with 1 tsp. hazelnut or other sugar-free syrup.

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