Bacon-Leek Gravy on Toast

Rather than go with an ordinary bacon gravy on toast today, I decided to cut up one of the leeks I have in the fridge and add to the party.  These two flavors are always a winner in my book.  This tasty dish, served on toasted slices of this Einkorn flour bread recipe (made up in a sheet of 12 slices, rather than dinner rolls) was absolutely delicious this morning.   This would also make a nice brunch or lunch dish.  This recipe is suitable for all phases of Atkins and other Keto diets, provided those still on Induction use an Induction suitable bread (toasted flax bread).

Many delicious low-carb recipes can be at your fingertips with your very own cookbooks from LOW CARBING AMONG FRIENDS, by Jennifer Eloff and low-carb friends (me included).  Chef George Stella also brings to the table a wealth of delicious recipes added to the collection!  You’ll LOVE these recipes!  Order your copy today from Amazon  or our direct order site:


6 slices low-carb bread of choice, toasted (numbers below based on linked bread recipe)

6 slices bacon, chopped

½ leek washed of dirt hiding in leaves, sliced thinly

1 c. heavy cream

½ c. water

Few shakes each salt and black pepper

Dash xanthan gum or your preferred thickener to thicken gravy

DIRECTIONS:   Chop bacon and leek.  Add bacon to non-stick skillet and brown.  Do not drain.  Add leek and saute just until tender.  Add cream, water, salt and pepper and simmer a few minutes to slightly thicken.  Two or three light dustings of xanthan gum stirred in (allow each addition to thicken to avoid getting too much) or use your preferred thickener to thicken gravy a bit more.  Plate up the toast and dip gravy on top, dividing the skillet contents as equally as possible (about 1 generous cooking spoonful each).  Serve at once.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:    Makes 6 servings, each contains:

275 calories, 23.2 g fat, 803 g carbs, 4.16 g fiber, 3.89 g NET CARBS, 8.4 g protein, 565 mg sodium



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