Doggie Treats

This is not for human consumption, is not low-carb, and I’m not providing nutritional info……..Oh My!  🙂  But I thought I’d share this recipe for those dog lovers with a furry friend on their Christmas shopping list.  They make a great “stocking stuffer” for your fur baby, but wrap them well else your dog will be overly attentive to their stocking.  LOL

My rat terrier, Button, not only loves these, but actually begs to go to bed 2 hours early, when she starts thinking about her night-night treats.  If your pups have skin allergies, these have been tolerated by my allergy-ridden pooches for years now.  They have never caused the usual scratching/itching purchased treats with soy cause.

This recipe makes a HUGE 13×15″ jelly roll pan full which cuts into bunches of 1″ squares, so a batch lasts me a very month.   If you have larger dogs, you may prefer to cut into larger pieces.  If using for training rewards, you will want to break them in half or quarters to avoid your pup gaining too much weight from training rewards.  I freeze them in a gallon plastic bag or plastic lidded container and just take out a small baggie full each week to have thawed at all times in the refrigerator.

Button goes wild when I take them out of the oven to cool!

VARIATIONS:  Use instead beef liver, beef heart, chicken liver, chicken hearts, chicken gizzards, pork liver, pork heart or sheep organs.  Your dog(s) will go bonkers no matter which meat you use.   🙂


1 c. whole wheat flour

3 c. whole rolled oats

1 lb. carton chicken livers (with juice), beef liver or pork liver

2 eggs

¼ c. oil

DIRECTIONS:    Preheat oven to 350º.  Process liver in a food processor until smooth.  It’s vile looking, but try not to dwell on that.  Add the eggs, oil, flour and oats and pulse until well blended.  Scrape out onto a 13×15″ jelly roll pan that has been sprayed or oiled well.  Using a rubber spatula, spread out evenly, trying to make it as evenly thick as possible.  Bake at 350º for 10-12 minutes until center is dry to the touch.  Remove and cool.  Cut into 1″ squares.  When totally cool, use a metal spatula to remove them from the pan.  Store in a gallon ziploc bag in your freezer until ready to use.  The recipe rating below came directly from my little Button.   🙂



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