Garam Masala – Indian Spice Blend

My husband and I just love Indian food!!  I cook it every other week and sometimes even more often.  There are garam masala blends available for sale ready-made, but like other blends, they can vary widely in flavor from bottle to bottle.  I haven’t found any commercial blends I like and most have been tossed out.

After experimenting with so many garam masala recipes, this is one that we keep coming back to and that has now become my “permanent recipe”.  This mix is well worth adding to your spice rack.  It is a little heavy with cinnamon, but we like that to round out the sharp coriander, which can be too strong in some recipes for this blend.  You won’t be sorry you added this to your arsenal of culinary “secrets”.   I have found it to be good in all curries, on all grilled meats and even on broiled or grilled seafood and Indian vegetable recipes.  It is also nice in a few dessert applications. Nearly 1,000 followers have copied this recipe and none have come back to complain, so I think you’ll like it.  As you get familiar with its flavor profile, you may want to increase one spice or perhaps decrease another to your liking.  That’s what makes cooking fun!

Type “Indian” in the search box to see an array of Indian recipes here on my site to try this spice in sometime. They are all tried-and-true recipes I’ve cooked many times.  Give them a try some time!

This spice mixture, like most herbs and spices, is Induction friendly.  If you like to explore other Garam Masala spice combinations, take a look at this list of other Garam Masalas:

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6 T. coriander seeds
3 T. cumin seeds
2 T. black peppercorns
1 T. whole cardamom pods (outer part and seeds inside)
5  small cinnamon sticks broken into small pieces
2  tsp. whole cloves
1  whole grated nutmeg (about 1 tsp)

DIRECTIONS:  In a dry skillet, over low heat, heat the first 6 spices until they become very fragrant. This step is most important, so do not skip it or your results won’t be as good.  When fragrant, turn off heat and remove pan from stove.   Using a spice/coffee grinder (I have a cheap dedicated coffee grinder for spices only), grind all toasted spices to a pretty fine grind, but it doesn’t have to be as fine as salt.  Add grated nutmeg at this point.  When adding this spice to curry recipes, I once again heat the dry skillet and reheat these until they become fragrant and then proceed with whatever recipe I’m making. This is outstanding in all chicken, beef and fish curries.  It’s great on charcoal grilled, buttered  fish and chicken, too!

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION: Each teaspoon contains:

6  calories, 0.31 g.  fat, 1.1 g.  carbs, 0.6 g.  fiber, 0.23 g.   protein, 0.5 g. NET CARBS


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