Lemon Curd

Lemon Curd

                Lemon Curd

Decided to try my hand at one of my pastry favorites: lemon curd.  I grew to love this scone & pastry topping while on an extensive six-weeks trip through Britain in the 80’s.  I have since modified my recipe of the 80’s to be Atkins friendly.  Had it on a Muffin in a Minute for breakfast and man was it ever good!  This also makes a good cream filling between layers of vanilla cake or pound cake or for lemon mini-tarts.  I love it on a hot biscuit as well!  🙂  As lemon and lime juice is limited during Induction to 3 T. per day, this recipe is only suitable for Induction if you don’t over indulge.

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3 eggs, whisked well

1 T. liquid Splenda (or other sweetener to equal 1 c. sugar)

½ c. fresh lemon juice

1 T. lemon peel, grated

¼ c. unsalted butter

DIRECTIONS:  In a saucepan, whisk eggs, add sweetener, lemon juice and peel.  Turn fire to medium-low and add butter.  Cook, stirring constantly for about 10-15 minutes until thickened.  Pour into jar and chill/store in refrigerator.

NUTRITIONAL INFO: Makes about 20 T. or ten 2T. servings, each serving contains:

54.53 calories, 4.6 g  fat, 1.56 g  carbs, .41 g  fiber, 1.15 g  NET CARBS, 2.13 g  protein, 23 mg. sodium


5 thoughts on “Lemon Curd

    1. It would probably be OK, but I have never used it that way. In Britain, where this item originates, it is used like a jam on crumpet and biscuits. But people use it a a variety of pastries, so it might be OK in a pie.

    1. Sure, Madonna. Should take about a cup, but as with all deserts like this, I recommend adding it in slowly and tasting as your go, stopping when it’s just right for your taste buds. Hope you like it!

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