Hearts with Strawberry Sauce

hearts-with-strawberry-sauceI think I’ll make these for my husband for Valentine’s Day.  🙂  I have made them in years past and he just loves them with vanilla ice cream.  I prefer mine either as is or with a small spoon of sweetened whipped cream on top.  I double a small cake recipe so there are few leftovers.   This kind of portion control works best for me.  😉   Below is a photo of the silicone pan I use, but any large muffin or shortcake pan works:  heart-mini-cake-panThis recipe is not suitable until you reach the grains level of Phase 2 Atkins.


2 recipes my Einkorn Individual Vanilla Cake

1¼ c. whole, frozen strawberries (no sugar added)

¼ tsp xanthan gum (or favorite thickener)

4 drops liquid sweetener of choice (I used EzSweets)

VARIATION:  You can puree the sauce until smooth with a stick blender if you prefer. 

DIRECTIONS:   Make the cake batter per that recipe’s instructions, but add 1/4 c. of the strawberries to the batter.  Beat with a stick blender until smooth.  Fill mold slots half full, which made 8 little cakes for me (with other size molds, your mileage may vary).  Microwave on HI for 2 minutes or until center is dry to the touch.    Tip out of molds with the tip of a knife onto a waiting platter or service plates.  When cool, top with sauce made as follows:  Heat over medium heat the remaining strawberries, any juice and the sweetener.  When it begins to simmer, stir in the xanthan gum and stir constantly until thick.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:   Makes 8 small cakes, each contains:

113.6 calories, 8.33 g fat, 7.50 g carbs, 2.0 g fiber, 5.50 g NET CARBS, 4.57 g protein, 63 mg sodium


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