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Savory Casserole Topping

Posted on: January 24, 2020

Savory Casserole Topping                                          Shown on a Green Bean Casserole

This crunchy topping for casseroles will have many uses when preparing your family’s favorite casserole.  It is simply scrumptious on a classic green bean casserole!  I’ve also enjoyed it on tuna casserole and several of my chicken casseroles.  I’m simply amazed it doesn’t just sink into the beans, but it doesn’t!  Stays right on top and just gets crunchier the browner it gets.  This recipe isn’t suitable until you get to the grains level or Atkins at or near Maintenance.  Substitute coconut flour to eliminate grains totally.  Seen on Green Bean Casserole:  below tight.

Green Bean Casserole

Looks good, huh?


½ c. shredded Monterrey Jack cheese

1/3 c. low-carb bake mix (I used  Jennifer Eloff’s Splendid Low Carb Bake Mix)

2 T. unsalted butter

10 medium-size pork rinds

1 T. toasted, dehydrated (or fresh, slivered) shallots

¼ tsp. my Cajun Seafood Spice Blend

1 T. hemp hearts (optional, adds a nutty flavor)

DIRECTIONS:   Toss all ingredients into a food processor or blender and pulse 4-5 times to reduce it to a crumbly mixture.  Don’t get it too fine however.  Sprinkly topping over casserole and bake per recipe directions for that casserole. Makes enough to top one family-sized casserole.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:  I’m providing numbers for the entire recipe.  Divide these numbers by the number of servings you usually get out of the casserole you have put this on to figure out what the topping adds to one serving.

Entire Recipe contains:  697 calories, 57 g fat, 8.4 g carbs, 3.2 g fiber, 5.2 g NET CARBS  (halve numbers if only half recipe of this needed for casserole), 37.9 g protein, 575 mg sodium


4 Responses to "Savory Casserole Topping"

Just a note ,, I made this crunchy topping and it is awesome worked perfectly on my Turkey Broccoli casserloe last nightthank you Dear Lady for all you do for ALL OF USBLESSINGSSHEILA  who has followed you for years now…

IF you don’t DO itit will never get done..

Glad you like this one, Sheila. Love having fans like you out there. Keeps me going.

When low carb/keto recipes call for pork rinds like this topping… Is that already dried processed pork rinds in a bag at checkout aisle OR pork rinds from the butcher section? Thanks

The already cooked fried, dry ones they sell at the checkout aisle for snacking. You’d have to fry the ones the butcher sells. 🙂

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