This is a low-carb rework of a Michelle Obama Shortbread recipe I saw somewhere on the Internet.  I found the first trial on this modification way too greasy and quite frankly, too crumbly.  The first attempt fell apart in my hand when I tried to eat them.  Huge bits fell onto the floor for my puppies to enjoy. Made them 🙂 but made me 😦 .   So I made another batch with several changes and those came out much more to my liking.  So my recipe below reflects those changes.  I made a batch recently and thought I’d re-share for my newer followers who have never seen this recipe on my site.  These are certainly not Walkers shortbread, my benchmark for shortbread, but they are very tasty nonetheless.  These are not acceptable until OWL Phace 2 of Atkins.

TIP:  I store these in the freezer and preferred them eaten right from the freezer.  They don’t really get hard and are much less fragile that way.


2½ sticks (1¼ c.) unsalted butter, softened

1 c. granular Splenda (or 1 c. equivalent sweetener of choice)

2 beaten eggs

3 c. almond flour

1 T. coconut flour

¼ tsp. vanilla extract

¼ tsp. salt

1/3 c. oat fiber (do NOT use oat bran, as it it much higher in carbs)

DIRECTIONS: Preheat oven to 325º.  Line a sheet pan (mine are 12″x17″) with parchment paper.  Cream butter and Splenda together until smooth.  Add 2 beaten eggs and vanilla extract, whipping to combine well.  Add almond flour, coconut flour, oat fiber and salt.   Stir well to a smooth batter.  Spread dough evenly onto parchment-lined pan.  You can use your fingers moistened with cold water to do this or use plastic gloves if you ave some.  Batter will spread to about ¼” thickness.  Poke holes into shortbread with tines of a fork about every 2″.  Bake at 325º for 25 minutes or just until it begins to brown light golden on the tops and edges.  For a firmer shortbread, cook them longer, but don’t let these get too brown or the taste will change!  Cut carefully into 32 pieces while still slightly warm.  I like to store these in the freezer and eat them right out of the freezer.  I find that makes them less fragile/crumbly.  🙂

NUTRITIONAL INFO: Makes 32 rectangles of shortbread, each contains:

133 calories, 12 g  fat, 4.09 g  carbs, 2.10 g  fiber, 1.99 g  NET CARBS, 2.9 g  protein, 30 mg sodium

6 thoughts on “Shortbread

        1. I hope you like the shortbread, Bambi. I roomed in college (Texas) with a girl named Bambi! Needless to say, she had the most enormous brown eyes I ever saw on a person. 🙂

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