Welcome to Buttoni’s Low-Carb Recipes!   My name is Peggy Hardaway.  I’m a retired teacher living “Deep in the Heart of Texas” with my husband of nearly 54 years.  I started collecting recipes in high school as my parents were deep into gourmet cooking.  Every meal growing up was a delight.  I and my brother followed in their footsteps:  I with my blog here; my brother became executive chef at Top of the Mark in San Francisco for quite some time.

I have worked diligently over the past 14 years to modify family’s favorites to bring them in line with a low-carb lifestyle, which I have followed since 2009.  There are over 2,000 delicious low-carb recipes on my site now!  I myself lost 36 pounds following Atkins low carb and have since incorporated Intermittent Fasting to my low-carb lifestyle.  I eat just one meal a day (dinner, at around 5-6 pm), only drinking black coffee intermittently throughout the rest of the day.

Although the website started out purely Atkins in focus, I have since begun to incorporate a few Primal Blueprint and Paleo approaches to how I cook.  I have created a new Primal-Paleo recipe category and will tag a recipe as Primal-Paleo if I feel it is suitable for those lifestyles (as written or with only slight modification).  Those folks will always want to clarify butter, substitute coconut or almond milk for cream, with the occasional dairy indulgence permitted.  Paleo followers will want to omit all dairy products called for in my recipes, substituting almond or coconut milk).  To ask a question about a recipe, simply “Leave a Comment” in the comment box below the recipe.  I will reply ASAP.  I welcome recipe feedback and suggestions.

I’m all about EASY IN THE KITCHEN.  To be honest, if it takes longer than 30 minutes to put together & get in the oven I’m just not interested.   You’ll like that about my recipes.  I hope you visit often and find lots of tasty new recipes to try out.  I hope my kitchen creations make your low-carb journey as fun and tasty as mine has been!


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    1. There is no set one-for-one sub. In some recipes, you cant sub it out at all; in some, you can just omit it altogether, is some, you can sub in oat flour; in some you can sub in sifted Carbalose or Einkorn flour. Low-carb baking isn’t as simple as regular flour bakng and subbing ingredients is risky at best. You just haqve to use trial and error pretty mush. At least, that’s what I do. 🙂

  1. Hi Peggy,

    Thank you for taking time to post your delicious recipes. I stumbled upon your website while I was searching for a low carb pizza crust recipe. I’ve been using your recipe that uses Jennifer Eloff’s bake mix with gluten, it produces a nice crispy crust.

    I began my low carb diet in June, so, I’m new to low carb cooking. Will you please answer a few questions? I’m asking, because I am sure that you’ve learned a lot through trial and error, so you’re the expert! 🙂

    1. I’ve noticed that you use a variety of artificial sweeteners in your recipes.
    Why do you sometimes choose liquid instead of dry versions? Have you found that a combination of sweeteners tastes more like real sugar, rather than using just one of them? I have Spenda, Stevia, and Xylitol in my pantry, but I don’t have Erythritol or Swerve. What do you like about each of these sweeteners, and what don’t you like?

    2. Your pizza recipe took me down a wonderful rabbit hole, where I discovered a variety of baking mixes. I ordered the ingredients for Kevinpa’s and Jennifer Eloff’s mixes from Netrition on Saturday, and then I discovered your bake mix recipe last night. I’ve noticed that you don’t always use the same bake mix in your recipes, and there must be a reason why you don’t. Please share what you’ve learned about each of them. For instance, why do you sometimes use a bake mix with gluten, and sometimes choose gluten free. Many of the ingredients in these mixes are new to me. Please share what you’ve learned about them.

    3. Which one of your pizza crust recipes is your favorite? I’ve only tried the one with gluten.

    Answering all of these questions is a Herculean task, so I understand if you don’t have the time.

    Thank you again for your wonderful recipes!


    1. Question 1 – I started out using just Splenda (my older recipes), but Dr. Atkins was right when he said the synergistic effect of using 2 or more boosted sweetening, thus the need for less overall. So I began to add in erythritol, since it’s a sugar alcohol and doesn’t add to the carb count. I tend to use dry sweeteners in baked goods with dry “flours” as it can help with bulking up the final product. I use the liquids more in desserts that are creamy or wetter, as they don’t add to the carb count either. Experience has taught me that chocolate desserts will often require the MOST, and then I will use THREE sweeteners……………and still struggle to get them sweet enough. But no amount of experience gets you to Nirvana. To this day, I often guess the amounts wrong and end up with a muffin that is too sweet or not sweet enough. RE: Xylitol, it is highly toxic to dogs and I won’t keep it around or use it at all. I’d be too afraid the hubs or I would forget and give our 12# rat terrier something baked with it.

      Question 2- My head wants to use all gluten-free bake mixes, Jill. But then my heart talks back to me. I find most things baked with just GF mixes are a bit “grainy” and rough in texture as well as appearance. For me, visual appeal and a proximity to the appearance of real flour baked goods is important, as it makes me WANT to eat it. Adding in just a bit of CarbQuik, Carbalose flour, or Einkorn (non-GMO) flour not only brings a more “real flour” taste and appearance, but a much smoother texture (mouth feel) to breads and to cakes. It also brings more structure and cohesiveness to the cake/muffin, making it less crumbly when eaten/handled.

      Question 3 – I can’t really say I have a fav pizza crust. I confess Peggy’s Original Pizza Crust with gluten-based ingredients cooks up the most consistently crisp, and therefore a real fav at our house. But I like the Gluten-Free Pizza Crust recipe when I’m wanting a slightly thicker and less crisp crust……….particularly for “softer” applications than pizza, like when I want to make Italian cheesy bread or cinnamon sticks, or a cobbler use. 🙂

      Hope I’ve hit all the questions adequately. And happy baking to you!

  2. I was receiving the daly recipes from “Daily digest for Buttoni’s Low-Carb Recipes, on September 12, 2016”, Had some demanding events which took my time. Are you still sending them? last one I saw was in September 2016. Thanks

    1. Just go in re-subscribed to get emails (right hand side of the page). Somehow, you may have dropped off the mailing list. Who know what the cyber Gods (or WordPress) do when they hiccup? LOL

  3. Hi Peggy,
    It’s been quite a while, but I was wondering if you ever found the corn flavoring again ?? I found it listed on select flavors… just not sure if it’s still available.
    thanks for the help

  4. Hi. I like your recipes! But… Is there a way to search for recipes that do not require an oven? Ones that just require a pot, skillet, and/or slow cooker? Thank you in advance.

    1. My WordPress search engine won’t search/find them unless I have defined such a category. Frankly, I never liked my 1st crock pot and ditched it. Some bloggers have special Crock Pot or Stove-Top tags on recipes, but I do not because I don’t think about cooking that way. Seven years and 1200+ recipes into this now, it would be a monumental or nearly impossible to go back and restructure the blog to that end. Sorry. Your best bet would be to Google “Crock Pot Recipes” and “Stove-Top Recipes” and it will give you food bloggers that have made a distinction by way of a page or tag category. Non of mine will come up though.

  5. I’ve been a low-carb eater for years and was in need for some new and tasty recipes…. Oh the things you put together! Quick and easy but so delicious. My kind of cooking except I don’t have the imagination to come up with it on my own. Thank you for sharing yours.

  6. peggy, thanks for all you do!! I have a question about possibly using psylium fiber husk as an offset for the sugars that are present in my Del Monte canned Sloppy Joe mix. Do you think this would be an okay additon , or would it completely ruin the sloppy joe? I knoooow, but I’m just craving them so badly, which in that case maybe i should just bite the bullet, eat it, and get back on track tomorrow. Any suggestions or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Well, I’m not sure how psylium will “offset” sugar. One is a sweetening agent, the other is fiber and will merely make the meat mixture thicker. Maybe the fiber will slow down the sugar’s absorption a bit, but it sure is going to make for some very thick SJ meat mix. I sure wouldn’t add very much.

    1. Welcome, Colette. Glad you found my blog, too! I have over 1100 recipes here now and have covered most of the “comfort food” bases as far as fine-tuning to make old favorites low-carb suitable. Enjoy browsing.

    1. Why thank you, Linda. I’m so sorry I missed your post until just now. Have been dealing with some back issues and several back procedures this past 3 months and I clearly missed your comment. Doing a little less cooking and blog monitoring as a result, but the latest procedure I think is going to last for about a year, so I should be able to tend the blog more closely now. I’ve been building the collection since 2009 and have tried to offer a wide variety. Happy browsing to you. 🙂

  7. I really appreciate the recipes and tips you pass along. One such was finding out about Joseph’s pita’s with flax. Those along with their lavash are awesome! Thank you!

    Just the other day you published your recipe for Lime Chocolate Candy and mentioned using citrus oil. I have been wanting to up the lemon flavor in a pound cake recipe and thought this was a great idea. I went looking for lemon oil and found Now Essential Oil at Whole Foods. They also have lime oil. While it is labeled “essential” the only ingredient listed is 100% lemon oil that has been cold pressed from fresh fruit peels. I did some checking and people do use these for cooking, just very sparingly. The essential oils you might not want to consume are those extracted from flowers and such. I am anxious to give a few drops of this stuff a whirl!


    1. Thanks for the link and read. I’m leaving the link posted for other readers to see. I buy a lot of NOW products. But personally, I will be sticking to what I KNOW is food grade. The essential oils were created for external use and aroma therapy and I’m just a little hesitant to use them in food when there are extracts and cooking oils out there that will do the same thing for me that I KNOW will be safe. And after reading this, I think I won’t be consuming what is marketed as essential oils: https://www.planttherapy.com/blog/2014/01/14/can-essential-oils-be-ingested/

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