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10 Years!


It’s hard to believe I started this low-carb recipe site 10 years ago today.  It has been work but enjoyable for the most part.  I have many devoted readers that have been here since this site’s inception.  Many of them chatted with me often on the Atkins Community Forums and urged me repeatedly to begin this site.   The forums there didn’t have a great search engine to recall posted recipes.  One had to wade through 25 years of recipe posts and still you couldn’t find the recipe you were looking for.

Starting up this site has allowed me not only to post and store for posterity all my personal kitchen creations, but my hosting site, WordPress, has an integrated search engine that (despite it’s fussiness about spelling/typo errors) finds just what my readers and I are searching for quite nicely.  They also have a very helpful team of technical assistants whenever I have a question or anything goes wrong with my blog.  Those three things have kept me with WordPress 10 years and I don’t plan on changing a thing.

Whether you are one of my old timer from-day-one readers or fairly new to the site, I appreciate your interest in my low-carb cooking efforts and want to thank you for your continued support.  This is a no-frills site, as I’m sure you have noticed.  I’m not into advertising, making videos, contests, gimmicks or cookbook publishing (although I have contributed voluntarily my recipes to such ventures).  My only interest lies in sharing good, simple-to-prepare recipes in as many places as I can.

I know many of you just don’t have the time to devote to baking and testing recipes like I do.  Being retired from teaching since 2002, I know only too well what it’s like Monday through Friday for most women.  That’s why I started this site, truly.  It’s nice to be able to find recipes someone else has already tested for you, especially the breads and baked goods, which are truly a challenge.  There were few sites like mine in 2009 when I started all this low-carbing thing…………..now there are literally hundreds to pick and choose from.  So many talented cooks out there.  I am so happy I have the internet as a means to share my creations with all of you.




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Yes, I’m going off topic for just once on my blog.  In this post, I’m not sharing tasty food.  Instead, I address a very important women’s issue:  BREAST CANCER.  Those of you who faithfully go get their annual mammograms, have you ever asked yourself “Am I doing the right thing?”  Most of us have since we read articles that imply perhaps not.  But truth be known, maybe we are not!  Maybe we are actually causing a higher risk of developing breast cancer!  The verdict is still out.  There is much research on both sides of this debate.  I offer for your consideration Dr. Mercola’s summation on this topic: https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2011/02/14/beating-breast-cancer-a-guide-to-prevention-treatment-and-recovery.aspx.

My dearest friend of nearly 50 years now has lived through this horrible experience (not long after her husband died, in fact).  Her mammograms showed suspicious areas for several years and then suddenly, that fateful biopsy with devastating news.  Well, I’m here to tell you she survived the emotional roller coaster that breast cancer puts you and your family through, the double mastectomy, the chemo, and has already passed her “5-year” clean bill of health.  She is doing amazingly fine now.  But not all are fortunate to have this outcome, as we all know.  I’m sure many of my readers have been touched personally by someone (friend or family) who has been diagnosed with this terrible cancer.

Heck, even my September mammogram showed an inexplicable spot lighting up that they could not confirm via ultrasound was anything but a swollen lymph node (most likely), perhaps due to an insect sting response (had not been stung) or from some sort of infection.  The 6-month follow-up mammogram showed no enlargement or changes (uncommon for cancer to not grow in that many months) and they still think it is nothing but a lymph node.  Well………fast forward…….turns out I just found out 3 weeks ago did have a serious bacterial infection that had gone undetected for some 6 months!  Yep, that’s right, 6 months!  I’ve finished the round of antibiotics and my re-check yesterday showed no infection present!  I’m even willing to conjecture that this infection was so bad my immune system was fighting it tooth and nail and this was what caused the mammogram to show my lymph node enlarged.  I should know for certain in September.

Well, another case in point.  Our LCAF cookbook Team Leader, Jen, who organizes and publishes our wonderful recipes in the Low Carbing Among Friends cookbooks, by Eureka Publishing, has recently been through this horrific breast cancer “ringer” herself.  Her family has been drained more ways than one dealing with all of this, as you might imagine.  Thank God for Jen, at least, the surgery outcomes and prognosis are very good.  Not all are so lucky in this battle.

As the saga pulled and tugged, the medical bills were racking up.  So if you’ve been thinking about buying one or or more of our Low Carbing Among Friends Cookbooks for some time, and just haven’t taken the plunge, now would be a really good time to jump off that fence and go ahead and buy them!  Any sales proceeds will greatly help her family defray the financial burden of her illness.  And what could be better……………….YOU get a wonderful cookbook(s) for your kindness!  They make wonderful birthday and Christmas gifts!  Most of the volumes currently have reduced prices!  Even better, for a limited time, the entire set of 10 can be had for just $99.90!  That’s just $10 per book, folks! And only the best of our low-carb creations get published.  The books have 100’s of delectable color recipe photos, too!  Remember, famed  Chef George Stella of QVC notoriety is on our team!  So you’re getting recipes from a well-seasoned, very talented, professional chef who has run at least two full-scale restaurants.  He and his family have lost hundreds of pounds so this man can cook and still “get ‘er done”, as we say in Texas. 🙂  Jennifer selects only the best!

From day one of my association with Low Carbing Among Friends, I have never accepted payment for my contributions.   I have always shared my low-carb recipes free of charge, simply to help the greater low-carb community reach their weight-loss goals as easily and as tastefully as possible, without having to reinvent the wheel with each and every low-carb comfort food conversion challenge.  Therefore I solicit you to take that action you’ve been putting off and purchasing one (or more) of our cookbook(s) either at our direct order site (best price) or at our Amazon) page.  It can be your way of saying a little prayer for Jen’s speedy recovery.

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Volume 9 of our cookbook series LOW CARBING AMONG FRIENDS, containing mostly my recipes, is hot off the press and sure to please!  I have chosen some of my tastier dishes for this volume.  Famed Chef George Stella and Jennifer Eloff, both re-known in the low-carb community, have graciously added a few new creations to the line-up!  🙂  Volume 9 and all previous volumes are available at Amazon.com or order from one of our two two order pages and special discounts and free shipping:  https://amongfriends.us/Vol9Sale.php  or  https://amongfriends.us/Vol9Order.php

Limited quantities, so get yours today!  We are also offering an incredible bundle deal right now on the entire set of nine volumes for a remarkable price that comes to right about $13 a volume!  How can you beat that price?  And remember, these make wonderful birthday and Christmas gifts, so hurry and get yours today!

Disclaimer:  I have personally chosen to not accept remuneration of any kind for my contributions to this book or any of the previous volumes in which I have contributed.  I have done so simply because I love to cook and share recipes.  I have actively promoted these recipe collections because they are cookbooks any low-carb cook would be delighted to add to arsenal of cookbooks.  You just can’t go wrong with our tried and tested recipes. 🙂


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Our Low Carbing Among Friends cookbook series continues!  The latest edition, Volume 9, is due out in October!  It contains mostly my recipes (like Vol. 8) with some tasty new creations also from Jennifer Eloff and Chef George Stella, well-known on the Food Network.  🙂

EARLY BIRD SECRET SALE!!  Order here for estimated late October delivery:  https://amongfriends.us/Secret-SALE.php

Order any of our wonderful books from Amazon  or here: amongfriends.us/order.php. There’s currently a special offer of a bundle of all 8 previous volumes that reduces their individual price to only $13.22!  Don’t miss out on this incredible bargain!  And please, if you’ve already bought Volume 8, I sure would appreciate your taking a moment to stop by this Amazon page to leave your personal review:



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Low Carbing Among Friends, Vol. 8 is at the printing press!  This new volume features mainly MY recipes, with a few delectable creations from Jennifer Eloff and Chef George Stella of Foot Network fame!  I’m so fortunate to get to work with such great cooks on this team of talent.  Lots of color photos in this edition, too!  I have been working diligently since 2009 to modify all my family-tested, tried-and-true recipes of a lifetime.   Along the way, I’ve created so many new recipes that fit so well into a low-carb lifestyle.  Why not make your low-carb journey enjoyable and tasty as you travel to your goal?  You can order now and get FREE SHIPPING (in the U.S. only) if you order two or more books in one order.  Remember, they make GREAT birthday or holiday gifts!  Hurry and get yours today!  Order here:  AmongFriends.us/FS8.php .

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0042I often get asked for a list of what ingredients I keep stocked in my pantry for baking.  I’m not a big sweets eater, but my husband is, so I try to bake him something once a week……….LOW-CARB, of course. 🙂 These are the ingredients I have found over 6 years of low-carb baking experiments that I just MUST keep in my baking pantry at all times. The first 4 items in red will probably last you about a year, so don’t let the price of a bag scare you off.  Other items will last varying lengths of time,  depending on how often you bake and size package you buy.

If you are new to low-carbing, you can spread the cost out over time by buying just 1 or 2 each month.  Eventually you’ll have your pantry stocked with what will cover most of your low-carb baking needs.  I order most of the hard-to-find ingredients from Netrition.com, as they offer flat-rate shipping.  However I order my coconut flour and bulk almond flour at Honeyvillegrains.com as they have the finest grind I can find for those two items, resulting in nicer textured baked goods in my opinion.  I store the overage in my chest freezer in large Tupperware® containers.

Oat Fiber (This is NOT the same thing as oat flour or oat bran!)

Glucomannan Powder (also called Konjac powder)

Xanthan gum

Einkorn Wheat Flour (non-genetically modified wheat) [I order from Jovial Foods.com)

Almond Flour

Coconut Flour

Plain (unflavored, unsweetened) Whey Protein Isolate

Oat Flour (ground whole oats, used very sparingly)




Carbquick Bake Mix

Jennifer Eloff’s Splendid Gluten-Free Bake Mix (click for recipe)

Golden Flax Meal

Dark Flax Meal

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I calculate my nutritional stats at Fitday.com, which utilizes the USDA Foods Database.  Foods that are not in their database, I key into an additional personal database of custom foods the data that appears on the Nutritional label on the food package/can/jar/bottle itself.   When I list nutritional info for my recipes, as a rule, I only include calories, fat, carbs, fiber, net carbs, protein and sodium.  I used to calculate other macronutrients  but it just got to be too time consuming to calculate and type them all out.  And so many readers have told me they don’t really look at that kind of detail anyway.


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