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Indonesian Beef Soto

Our best friends of some 30+ years are wonderful cooks and often introduce us to interesting Indonesian foods and spices.  Though he is as American as apple pie, she is of Indonesian heritage.  This dish came about after receiving some Indonesian spices from them for Christmas one year as well as much personal reading of Beef Soto recipes on-line.  I combined a mixture of spices traditional to the dish, added a bit of the spice blend they gave me, and then added my personal choice of veggies I thought would also be good in the soup. The result of this experiment was delightful, and quite simple since the grass-fed beef brisket I used in this was already cooked.

This dish would also be good made with cooked lamb or venison.  What a hearty, rib-sticking meal this was!  You can prepare this from scratch with raw beef, but it will naturally take much longer than my version made with pre-cooked beef meat, as the meat will have to be first browned in oil and then simmered in the broth/water for at least an hour to get tender before adding veggies to the pot.  This dish could also be served as a dinner entree if you made it with less broth, thickened it with your favorite thickener or mashed veggie puree and served it over basmati rice (for the non-low-carbers, of course).  This dish is suitable for Atkins Induction and passes Paleo-Primal muster as well.   🙂


2 T. palm or coconut oil

3 oz. onion, chopped

1 clove garlic, minced

1 shallot, chopped fine

10 oz. lean, cooked beef (or lamb), cubed large

8 oz. summer squash, cut up large chunks (calaba, zucchini, or yellow)

12 cherry tomatoes

1 tsp. dried red guajillo chiles (these are mild), seeded and chopped coarsely

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Guajillo Chiles

½ tsp. ground cinnamon (or 1″ stick if you prefer)

1 tsp. Thai red curry paste

Dash of chipotle chile powder (or ½ chipotle chile, seeded and mashed (from canned chipotle in adobo sauce)

1 thin slice ginger, minced

½ tsp. each galangal powder (I use Penzey’s) and turmeric

around 2 c. beef stock or water (to cover meat)

OPTIONAL:  1-3 tsp. Thai Seasoning Blend ( I used The Gourmet Collection brand)

DIRECTIONS:   In a large soup pot, heat the palm oil.  Brown the onion until it begins to caramelize.  Add shallot and continue to saute until shallot begins to “toast” a bit.  Add garlic and cubed meat and saute a few minutes longer.  Lower heat, add liquid and the cinnamon, guajillo chiles, ginger, turmeric and galangal powder, along with the Thai curry paste.  Simmer for 15 minutes if meat was already cooked, simmer for 30 minutes or longer if meat was raw when you started.  This will allow the spices to mingle with meat and the meat to get tender.  Add cubed squash and continue to simmer until squash is done.  Add tomatoes and Thai Seasoning (if using).  Cook just until tomatoes have softened up a bit, but have not fallen apart.  Thickening is optional, but you can at this point if desired.  I had a dab of leftover sweet potato puree in the freezer and added 3-4 tablespoons of that for thickening my soup a bit.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:    Makes 3 large servings, each contains:

309 cals, 19.8g fat, 9.23g carbs,2.23g fiber,7g NET CARBS,24g protein,193 mg sodium


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I’m planning on making these tomorrow night for dinner.  This recipe is deep in my blog archives so I thought I’d re-post it for my readers that love Italian food.  This recipe is inspired by a dish my mother used to make when I was growing up.  Of course, she used bread crumbs and not the pork rinds I used in mine to keep them lower-carb.  Her dish didn’t have meat in it, just the eggplant.  However this recipe takes it to a complete meal!  This is a delightful lunch or dinner entree and is quite filling!  It goes nicely with a tossed green salad.  This dish can also be made with ground lamb if you prefer.  It is suitable for Induction, too.  Despite their name, it takes a fork and knife to eat these “sandwiches”.


½  recipe of my Oven-Fried Eggplant (adding the 1 oz. crushed pork rinds below to coating)   

1 oz. crushed pork rinds

6 oz. ground beef (or lamb)

2 slices provalone cheese

2  1-oz. slices mozzarella cheese (or grated)

½ c. low-carb spaghetti sauce  (I used this:  https://buttoni.wordpress.com/2009/08/13/peggys-spaghetti-sauce/ )

2 fresh basil leaves, chopped (or ¼ tsp. dried)

2 T. Parmesan cheese

VARIATION:  Use ground lamb instead of ground beef for a Greek twist, subbing in feta cheese for the provalone.

DIRECTIONS:  Preheat oven to 450º.  Make ½ recipe my Oven Fried Eggplant per instructions for that recipe, with the one addition of 1 oz. crushed pork rinds to the coating mixture.  This takes about 20 minutes to bake at 450º.  While this is baking, form two nice beef patties from the meat and brown them in a non-stick skillet.  When eggplant is browned nicely, remove from oven (remember, it will be browner on bottom than on top).  Lower oven to 350º.  Place 2 T. spaghetti sauce atop each of two slices (the other two slices will form the second layer of these stacks).      Next place a browned meat patty on them.  Top them with a slice of provalone cheese and ½ T. of the Parmesan.  Sprinkle on half the basil.  Now place another slice of eggplant on top.  Spoon 2 more tablespoons of sauce on top.  Top each with 1 oz. grated or sliced mozzarella.  Top each with half the remaining Parmesan and basil.  I had one small slice of eggplant leftover and laid it on top of the serving simply for photographic impact, but I don’t usually do this.   Sauce and cheese are usually the final layer.  Pop sandwiches back into oven at 350º for about 5-10 minutes to melt cheeses. If the tops slide off, just push them back on top before serving.  🙂  Happens all the time to me.  Cheese is slippery. 🙂

NUTRITIONAL INFO:    Makes two servings, each contains:

502 calories, 31.7 g  fat, 8.1 g  carbs, 3.4 g  fiber, 4.7 g  NET CARBS, 44.4 g  protein, 1144 mg sodium


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Indian Beef with Mint "Kheema Matar"

This dish can be made with either ground lamb or ground beef and is equally good with both.  This Indian dish is traditionally cooked with peas and served atop basmati steamed rice.  But I have I found it is just as good with small cut frozen green bean pieces served on shredded, sauteed cabbage and found it even tastier than served over rice!    The nutritional info below does not include the cabbage.  My husband and I found my first attempt at Kheema Matar, which we have often had at Indian restaurants, to be pretty darn good!  It has rapidly moved into my quick and easy recipes category.

More delicious low-carb recipes can be at your fingertips with your very own set of Jennifer Eloff and friends’ best-selling cookbooks LOW CARBING AMONG FRIENDS.  She has collaborated with famous low-carb Chef George Stella and several other talented cooks to bring you a wealth of delicious recipes you are going to want to try.  Even a few of my recipes are in the cookbooks! Order your set TODAY! (also available individually) from Amazon or: http://amongfriends.us/order.php 


1 lb. ground beef, lamb or goat

1 T. olive or coconut oil

1 medium onion, chopped

1 clove minced garlic

½ tsp. minced ginger

¼ tsp. cayenne pepper

½ tsp. turmeric

1 tsp. ground coriander

¼ tsp. salt

2 plum tomatoes, finely chopped

½ c. frozen cut green beans, cut again into halves

1 carrot, cut into small dice

2 T. chopped cilantro

2 T. chopped fresh mint (I use spearmint)

½ jalapeno, seeded and finely chopped

1½ tsp. my Garam Masala

DIRECTIONS:  Place carrots and green bean pieces in small amount of water in saucepan and cook just until tender crisp.  Add oil to large skillet.  Brown chopped onion.  Add meat and break apart as it browns.  Add garlic, tomatoes, jalapeno and all spices except mint and cilantro.  Lower heat to simmer, cover and cook 15-20 minutes until tomatoes and onion well cooked.  Now add the drained carrot/bean mixture, cilantro and mint and stir well.  Cover again and cook additional 5-10 minutes or so for flavors to blend well.  Serve atop bed of shredded stir-fried cabbage (my preference) or basmati rice for those non-low-carbers at your table.

NUTRITIONAL INFO: Serves 4, each serving contains: (does not include cabbage base)

187 calories, 23.8 g  fat, 7.55 g carbs, 2.38 g fiber, 5.17 NET CARBS, 23.8 g  protein, 620 mg sodium

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Taken stove-top, which has yellowish lighting

Taken stove-top, under yellow spectrum light.

I’ve never cooked with tequila before, but I like margaritas, so I thought it was high time I give it a whirl.  This rib steak, which I was originally just going to butter sear tonight, transformed in my skillet into a delicious, saucy dinner my husband and I just loved!  I served this with steamed cauliflower and fresh green beans.  Omit the tequila if still in the initial Inducation phase of Atkins.  Suitable for all other phases of Atkins and Keto diets.

More delicious low-carb recipes can be at your fingertips with your very own set of Jennifer Eloff and friends’ best-selling cookbooks LOW CARBING AMONG FRIENDS. She has collaborated with famous low-carb Chef George Stella and other wonderful cooks to bring you a wealth of recipes you will love! Some of my low-carb creations appear in each of the 10 volumes! Order yours TODAY! from Amazon or our direct order site: http://amongfriends.us/order.php

Taken in normal lighting

In normal lighting (truer sauce color)   🙂


16 oz. rib-eye steak, cut into three portions (or other tender cut of beef)

1 clove garlic

3 T. unsalted butter

2 T. canned green chiles, undrained

1 c. rich beef broth

1/3 c. heavy cream

Dash each salt and coarse black pepper

1 oz. tequila (I used Hornitos)

¼ c. chopped cilantro

DIRECTIONS:   Mince garlic and rub both sides of the meat with it.  Melt the butter in a large, non-stick skillet.  Sear the steaks on both sides until done to your liking.  Add all remaining ingredients except cilantro.  Remember to omit the tequila if still in Induction.  Reduce to low heat and simmer about 5-7 minutes for flavors to blend. Add cilantro and simmer 1 minute longer.  Remove meat to temporary plate.  Pour sauce into a serving platter.  Place meat on top and serve at once.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:   Makes 3 servings, each contains:

443 cals., 34g fat, 1.13g carbs, 0.4g fiber, 1.9g NET CARBS, 48.1g protein, 443 mg sodium


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Because grass-fed, grass-finished beef is so much leaner than ordinary mass-produced commercial beef in grocery stores, it tends to cook up drier and a bit tough if you don’t take special precautions to compensate for that.   The 5# chunk of brisket you see in the pic above was cooked slow, surrounded by a little water and covered with foil during cooking except the last hour. It came out tender and VERY flavorful.  Healthy goodness!  I usually put a bit of rub on mine. This is suitable for all phases of Atkins and for Paleo-Primal diners as well. I served mine with a broccoli souffle and a tomato/cucumber salad.


1   4-5# grass-fed beef brisket

½ tsp. coarse ground black pepper

¼ tsp. salt

¼ tsp. minced dehydrated garlic

½ tsp. onion powder

¼ tsp. dill seed

¼ tsp. dehydrated red bell pepper (optional)

DIRECTIONS: Preheat oven to 350º. Mix all the spices together and sprinkle over all surfaces of the meat.   Place meat in large roasting pan, cover tightly with foil and pop into oven for 1 hour.  Lower heat to 275º and remove pan from oven.  Pour ½ ” water in the bottom of the pan around the meat.  Recover with foil and pop back into oven and cook for 4-5 more hours.  Check once more after about 2 hours, replenishing water if below 1/4″ deep.  Uncover for the final hour of cooking to get a nice brown crusty surface on the meat.  Meat is well done (how I prefer oven-roasted cuts like this) when it reaches an internal temperature of 140º on your meat thermometer.  I may like rare steak, but I don’t like my brisket rare.  🙂  Remove from the pan and let it sit on a cutting board for 10 minutes before cutting/slicing.  Thicken the juices in the pan with your favorite thickener, deglazing any tasty brown bits stuck to the sides of the pan, seasoning as needed with salt and pepper. Serve with your favorite sides.  Leftovers freeze and reheat well in foil.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:   One 4 oz. serving contains:

340 cals, 22 g  fat, 0 g  carbs, 0 fiber, 0 NET CARBS, 32 g  protein, 50 mg sodium,

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Peggy's Texas Chili

It has been quite chilly (sorry, couldn’t help myself, LOL) in Central Texas today, so a big batch of chili seems in order.  I’m going to change this up and use a cut-up, trimmed 3# chuck roast for this batch rather than the ground beef.  Since chili has to simmer quite awhile for the flavors to blend, I like to make big batches.  This recipe makes 8 large bowls.  The nutritional info is calculated with the can of Eden black soy beans, making the recipe as written unacceptable for Induction.  If you omit the beans, as many may prefer, this chili recipe is perfectly OK for Atkins Induction!  I’ve never had a die-hard Texas back away from my chili, so I hope you’ll give this one a try. 🙂

You non-bean chili folks, here’s one reader’s story I think you’ll appreciate:

It cracks me up every time I hear someone say that real Texas Chili doesn’t have beans and/or tomatoes in it. My granddaddy was a true old world cowboy, he did one of the last real cattle drives from South Texas up into Nebraska and I well remember him talking about the food that their “Texan” Cookie served and chili WITH beans was a mainstay on the trail. Tomatoes were added when available.


I use several different chile peppers in this recipe, but each has a distinctive flavor they bring to the chili, in my opinion.   Of course, you can change the peppers called for herein, if you can’t get some of them, but in doing so, you will definitely change the final flavor.  Here are some pics of the peppers I use in my chili:

Dried Ancho

Dried Guajillo



3 lb. ground beef or trimmed, diced chuck roast

4 oz. onion, chopped

6 cloves garlic, minced

2   4 oz. cans chopped green chiles (mild)

1  10 oz. can tomatoes with green chiles (I use Rotel mild)

1  14.5 oz. can diced/crushed tomatoes, no-salt

3 c. water

1 T. chili powder (I use ½ Bolner’s Fiesta and ½ Chimayo pictured below right)

½ tsp. ancho chili powder (or ¼ dried ancho pepper, seeded, chopped) 

2 tsp. ground cumin

1  dried Guajillo chile pepper, seeded and chopped

1 Serrano pepper, seeded and chopped (or Jalapeno pepper)

2 tomatillos, skin removed and chopped

1 c. cilantro, chopped

1 oz. tomato paste

1  14.5 oz. can Eden Black Soy Beans with liquid (optional, OMIT for Induction)

DIRECTIONS: Over medium-high heat, brown meat and onion in large stew pot.  When done, add all remaining ingredients.  After the chili comes to a boil, reduce fire to lowest setting, cover tightly and simmer for 1-2 hours (the longer the better, so the tomatoes literally cook apart into the liquid).  Stir often to avoid scorching on the bottom of the pan.

NUTRITIONAL INFO: Makes 8 servings, each contains:  (these numbers include the optional beans, as I don’t care for chili without them)

540 calories, 32 g  fat, 10.6 g carbs, 4.73 g fiber, 5.87 g NET CARBS (less without the beans), 49.5 g protein, 935 mg sodium

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Lasagna Eggplant Slices

I made a quick dinner tonight.  The hubs was in Austin and a few minutes late getting home, so I almost over browned this dinner.  I’m sure that has happened to you a time or two.  🙂  This dinner was scrumptious!  Lasagna without all the time and effort.  About 15 minutes to put together (if sauce is in your freezer at all times like at my house)  and 40 minutes to bake.  I do hope you’ll try this sometime.   You can sub in a commercial low-carb sauce and perhaps cut a few carbs off my recipe for sauce.  Your family will love you for trying this recipe.   This recipe is suitable for all phases of Atkins, Keto plans and Primal Blueprint if you do dairy occasionally.


14 oz. eggplant

4 T. olive oil

3/4 c. ricotta cheese

1 c.  my homemade spaghetti sauce

1 c. shredded mozzarella cheese

4 T. grated Parmesan

½ c. heavy cream

1 large egg, beaten

DIRECTIONS:  Preheat oven to 350º.  Line a large baking sheet with parchment for clean-up ease.  Cut the stem off the eggplant.  Sliver off (lengthwise) the outer skin off the left and right sides.  Cut the remaining eggplant into four thick ½” slices.  Heat oil in large skillet and sear eggplant (2 at a time) on both sices until the slices just begin to turn translucent and slightly soften. this speeds up cooking time and insures the eggplant will get done in the oven.

Place the four seared slices of eggplant evenly on the parchment-lined pan.  Using the back of a spoon, spread half the ricotta evenly on the eggplant slices.  Place half the mozzarella shreds evenly on each slice next.  Using a measuring cup, spoon ¼ c. of the meat sauce over the top of each slice.  Place the remaining mozzarella cheese shreds evenly on top next.

Now, in a small bowl, using a spoon, whip the remaining ricotta cheese, egg and cream until a smooth sauce is formed.  It will thicken as you stir it.  Spoon it evenly down the center each slice so it won’t all roll off during cooking.  Pop pan into heated 350º oven and bake for 30-35 minutes (Mine pictured above cooked 40 min. total.)

NUTRITIONAL INFO:  Makes 4 servings, each contains (using my homemade sauce):

547 cals, 45g fat, 13.65g carbs, 3.97g fiber, 9.68g NET CARBS, 24.4g protein, 305mg sodium


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