My new Frigidaire ‘Everything’ Double Wall Oven

At the request of one of my followers, I’m posting a couple photos of my new 27″ double wall oven. As I’ve said before, it does “everything’ but the laundry. It ought to……….as it sure cost enough. This one bakes, broils, Convection Bakes, Steam Bakes, Convection Roasts, has a No-Preheat setting, it Air Fries, cooks Sous Vide and is fully self-cleaning and does steam cleaning, for quick cleanup jobs.

My old oven was an Electrolux installed by the last owner. In all honesty, it was a better appointed oven that this one, with all shelves being finger-touch glide outs. Frigidaire bought out Electrolux, so I guess they are cutting corners to save $$$ now in this economy.

This Frigidaire only has ONE glide-out shelf, but the other 5 pull out nicely manually, so I’m OK with that. Another difference is this oven’s broiler tray (not two of them as my Electrolux had) does not have the drain tray that sits on top of the broiler pan (which I thought odd). It’s just an open pan as seen in the above photo. Luckily, I saved one of the boiler trays from my old oven so I have that drip tray.

The lights in the ovens are very bright, so you can really see that baking cake well when you turn them on. My Electrolux lights were not a bright, so that is an improvement, for sure.

Another ‘cutting corner’ thing I find disappointing, is that if you’re going to market an oven to be an Air Fryer, one of the shelves should be the Air Fryer shelf. Not. You have to go out and buy it off their site for $65-75……and it doesn’t even have a drip pan at that! I just bought two air-fryer wire baskets that will sit side by side on any shelf and place my 13×15 sheet pan on a shelf underneath to catch grease drips & anything that falls through. Cheaper and those baskets actually will hold more food in a single layer than the Frigidaire AF shelf anyway.

So when they say newer is necessarily better…………..I ain’t buying it.

I’m not in a rush to try out the Sous Vide cooking feature yet. First of all, I don’t own a vacuum sealer anymore. I sold mine as it never really got a perfect seal. And I’m not sure, from my reading, I’d like Sous Vide cooking anyway, as it seems like it’s not really different from a good, slow braise or pressure cooker approach. I like a nice caramelization surface on my meats. But I may get enthused about Sous Vide wonders one day and use that method of cooking in this oven. I’m slow to accept changes in the kitchen. When you’ve been cooking as long as I have (around 60 years) you get kind of set in your ways.

The No-Preheat setting did a very nice, quick job on a couple slices of pizza last week, as well as some Tater Tots my husband asked for with his burgers. Not sure how that feature works, but I think it’s basically on broil but at only 350ΒΊ degrees instead of the 550ΒΊ broil bursts on at. I heated the pizza in like 10 minutes without overbrowning the toppings like a broiler would. I also want to try the Air Fryer mode on reheated leftover pizza sometime.

The control panel on my old Electrolux was much more user friendly, and more sophisticated/flexible I might add, but after reading the manual thoroughly, I’m now getting used to this Frigidaire control panel.

I was as bluntly honest with my review on the Frigidaire site, letting them know Electrolux’s oven was appointed nicer inside IMHO. I am finding their version satisfactory for my needs and the smudge-proof stainless steel surface was indeed very nice. So far I’m overall pleased. πŸ™‚