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Peach Puffs

These are only three bites each, but boy are those three bites ever GOOD!  The hubs really loved these and I thought they were quite nice, too, and not too sweet!  Most of my readers know I’m not a big sweets eater.  I noticed a lonely can of juice-pack peaches in my pantry after lunch today and knew I had half a recipe of my Mozzy Dough already made up in the fridge.  A light-bulb moment for sure.  I popped out my muffin top pan and created these tasty treats.  Only 84 calories each and 1.79 net carbs.  I made the mistake of choosing powdered erythritol for my cinnamon topping and it clumped even after sifting, so next time I’ll use exclusively granular erythritol for my topping.  These are suitable once you get to the fruit level of Atkins carb reintroduction Phase 2.

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1/2 recipe my Mozzy Dough (omit garlic and onion powders)

6 slices canned peaches, sliced laterally in halves, making 12 long pieces

2 T. granular erythritol (or equivalent sugar sub of choice to equal 2 T. sugar)

1 tsp. cinnamon

2 T. butter

1 T. additional granular erythritol + 1/2 tsp. cinnamon for topping

DIRECTIONS:  Preheat oven to 350º.  Make the Mozzy Dough per that recipe’s instructions.  Divide the large ball of dough in half and refrigerate or freeze as you won’t be using all of it here.  Divide your remaining dough into 12 equal balls (about 1 T. of dough each) and press each ball with your fingers into the slots of a muffin-top baking pan.  If you don’t own one, use a parchment lined baking sheet and press the balls of dough into 2½” flat rounds of dough.  Take each peach slice and slice it length-wise to make 12 thinner pieces of peach.  If you don’t do this, most canned peach slices are too bulky to wrap in such a small bit of dough.  Lay a strip of peach down the center of each ring of flattened dough.  Sprinkle the teaspoon of cinnamon down the awaiting peach slices.  Dot each of the 12 peach strips with a very small dot of butter (about 1/4 tsp.).  Sprinkle 2 T. erythritol total evenly down the 12 peach strips.  Now you’re ready to “wrap” them up.

Using the tines of a fork, lift each flap of dough over the peach strip, pinching the dough slightly together to form a crude seam.  This is tricky, but perfection isn’t required and I WAS able to seal each.  I then pressed the seam with the back of the fork as well.  Pop pan into hot 350º oven and bake for about 15 minutes or until golden brown.  Stir the additional 1 T. erythritol and cinnamon in a cup and sprinkle atop each puff.  Remove puffs from the pan with a knife tip or spatula, plate and serve warm.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:  Makes 12 puffs, each one contains:

83.2 calories, 7 g fat, 3.63 g carbs, 1.84 g fiber, 1.79 g NET CARBS, 4.5 g protein, 94.4 mg sodium


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Coconut Crust Fruit PizzaThis is one of my long-time high carb recipes I simply modified to fit the Atkins low-carb eating plan.  It’s so good I thought I’d post it again today as we’re moving into berry season.  It’s a pretty dessert that impresses company and yet it is so easy to make!  You make the crust a day ahead and put it all together right before serving.  The crust is very dense (not at all crumbly) and is  easiest eaten with your hands just like pizza rather than a fork!  This recipe is not acceptable for Atkins Induction, but you can enjoy it once you get to the nuts and seeds level of Atkins Phase 2 OWL.  Softening 1-2 oz. cream cheese and blending into the whipped cream is a good variation for this.  But that is not calculated in the nutritional info below. My favorite version of this dessert is one made with fresh peaches and a few drops of almond extract added to the whipped cream.  Sooooo good!  This crust shaped deeper in a pie plate, works for chocolate pies and cream pies as well.  It is a VERY sturdy crust. VARIATION:  Use raspberries, or blueberries instead.  If closer to goal, you can even use thinly sliced mango or peaches.  All versions are DELICIOUS!  You can also add softened cream cheese to the creamy filling and reduce the whipped cream. That makes it more like a cheesecake.  🙂

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VARIATIONS:  Use other in-season fruit or berries of choice.

CRUST INGREDIENTS: 1  c. unsweetened coconut

1/2 c. chopped almonds

1/3 c. Splenda (or equivalent liquid sweetener)

2 ½ T. low carb bake mix or almond flour (or 1 T. coconut flour)

2 egg whites lightly beaten with a whisk until frothy

1 tsp. almond extract

Optional:  3 oz. softened cream cheese

TOPPING INGREDIENTS: 1 c. heavy cream, 1T. s/f syrup like DaVinci or Torani and 1 pt. fruit

DIRECTIONS: Line a pizza pan with foil.  Grease with butter a 9-10″ circle.  Combine all crust ingredients in a bowl and stir well.  Using fingers, spread and press firmly the coconut crust mixture into a 9-10″ circle on a greased sheet pan.  Bake at 325º for 20-25 minutes or until lightly browned.  Cool on a wire rack.  Refrigerate overnight. The day you want to serve, place crust on flat cake plate.  Whip cream with a splash of vanilla and sweetener of your choice (I like coconut or vanilla DaVinci sugar free syrup). I always add a dusting of glucomannan powder to my whipped cream when I need it to “firm it up” for things like this, but a sprinkle of dehydrated coconut milk powder will also firm up the whipped topping.  If doing the variation with cream cheese, I would add at this point and stir well. Spread whipped cream mixture evenly over coconut crust and top with raspberries, sliced strawberries or if on the fruit rung of OWL, this is good with thinly sliced peaches.  Chill for an hour and then cut into 8 wedges and serve.

NUTRITIONAL INFO: Serves 8, each serving (using strawberries) contains:

273 calories, 25 g  fat, 12 g  carbs, 5.1 g  fiber, 6.9 g  NET CARBS, 5 g  protein, 43 mg sodium

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Blackberry Coconut Smoothie

This is one of my oldest blog recipes but still a favorite smoothie at our house.  Very refreshing and a wonderful summertime treat or dessert!  Just made some last night in fact.  This recipe is not suitable until the nuts and seeds rung of the Atkins OWL carb reintroduction ladder.  It is perfectly OK for Paleo-Primal folks as well. The sweetener I used has no carbs, so if you use one with a bulking agent, you will need to add in those carbs to the numbers below.   Of course, you can always add protein powder to this if you wish, but be sure to add in those carbs to the stats below.

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6 T. coconut cream (this is NOT cream of coconut bartenders use, which has added sugar & carbs)

3/4 c. blackberries

½ c. water

about 3/4 c. ice cubes

Your preferred sweetener to taste

DIRECTIONS: Put everything in the blender and let ‘er rip until all is smooth and ice is no longer in chunks.  The coconut cream will thicken it adequately.  Pour into a glass and ENJOY!

NUTRITIONAL INFO:  Makes 1 smoothie which contains:

193 calories, 24.5 g  fat, 13.4 g  carbs, 6.7 g  fiber,  6.7 g  NET CARBS, 1.5 g protein, 16 mg sodium


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My husband came home yesterday with the prettiest carton of ginormous strawberries.  I quickly pulled out an old standby cake recipe and made a classic strawberry shortcake.  Nothing says summer like strawberry shortcake!  Before you get bent out of shape when you note the net carbs below, please bear in mind these are quite large, like the muffins in a minute (MIM’s) we all know and love.  I don’t think there’s any way I could eat but half of one of these.  In fact, outside of the desired photographic impact of a whole one here for my website, I plan to always slice these laterally and use half a cake and only 1 oz. berries for each serving.  But of course, portion size decisions are up to you.  You know YOUR appetite and YOUR family better than I.  This dessert not suitable until the grains rung of OWL.

Sometimes I like to puree a few berries with a tablespoon or so of water, a couple drops of sweetener and red food coloring to make a sauce to moisten the shortcake before placing the sliced berries and adding the whipped cream.  If you do this, any additional pureed berries on top are not included in the nutritional info below.

More delicious low-carb recipes can be at your fingertips with your very own set of Jennifer Eloff and friends’ best-selling cookbooks LOW CARBING AMONG FRIENDS.  She has collaborated with famous low-carb Chef George Stella and several other talented cooks to bring you a wealth of delicious recipes you are going to want to try.  Even a few of my recipes are in her cookbooks! Order your 5-volume set TODAY! (available individually) from Amazon or: http://amongfriends.us/order.php


1 recipe my Individual Vanilla Cake

4 oz. sliced strawberries

½ c. whipped heavy cream

2-4 drops liquid Splenda

½ tsp. vanilla extract

DIRECTIONS:  Preheat oven to 350º, grease 2 individual cake pans or 2 jumbo muffin cups.  Make Individual Vanilla Cakes per that recipe’s instructions.   Cool before attempting to remove from pans or slicing laterally.  Slice berries and place atop each serving.  Top with whipped cream sweetened to taste with the ½ tsp. vanilla added.  Garnish with a whole berry if desired.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:    Makes 2 whole shortcakes.  Each contains:   (If serving half portions, which is all I can eat, halve the numbers below)

387 calories, 32.2 g  fat, 22.2 g  carbs, 11.765 g  fiber, 10.45 g  NET CARBS, 18.45 g  protein, 560 mg sodium


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Strawberry Breakfast Bites


These tasty 2-bite morsels are a slight variation of my Strawberry Egg Puffs recipe.  Make a batch of these for your honey for Valentine’s Day!  If you don’t have the Nordicware pan I used, you can use any mini-muffin pan you have.  These were a cinch to make and so good my husband just couldn’t stop.  They are delightful with morning coffee.  Sprinkle with powdered sweetener and serve them as a dessert with afternoon tea.   These are suitable once you get to the berries rung of the Atkins Phase 2 OWL ladder. They are also OK for Keto diets.  Primal and Paleo followers will want to use only almond flour or coconut flour and change the sweetener, but are do-able I think.

More delicious low-carb recipes can be at your fingertips with your very own set of Jennifer Eloff and friends’ best-selling cookbooks LOW CARBING AMONG FRIENDS. She has collaborated with famous low-carb Chef George Stella and several other talented cooks to bring you a wealth of delicious recipes you are going to want to try. Even a few of my recipes are in each of the 5 volumes! Order your set TODAY! (also available individually) from Amazon or: http://amongfriends.us/order.php

NOTE: If you are gluten free, use all gluten-free mix, as my Einkorn mix is not gluten free.


4 large eggs, beaten

¼ c. Jennifer Eloff’s Gluten-Free Bake Mix

¼ c. my Einkorn Bake Mix (or more Jennifer’s mix for gluten-free)

1 c. frozen strawberries, drained and chopped (or other berries if you like)

2 T. erythritol

2 T. Splenda, granulated

1/4 tsp. vanilla extract

1 T. + 1 tsp. coconut oil

DIRECTIONS:  Preheat oven to 350º. Melt coconut oil in your mini muffin baking pan and brush 24 slots well with oil.

Beat the eggs in a small mixing bowl.  Add the bake mix.  You can use any low-carb bake mix you prefer.  Add sweeteners, vanilla and chopped berries.  Fold all together until smooth.   Using a 2 T. measuring cup, spoon batter into mini pan slots.  They will be nearly full to the brim.  Don’t worry, Mine didn’t overflow in the pans, although they do temporarily rise above the top like a souffle…..and then fall a bit when done and cooled.

Pop into oven and bake for 16-18 minutes or until risen and firm in the center.  Remove, cool a couple minutes and with knife tip, lift them out and serve while warm.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:  Makes 24 Berry Bites or “mini muffins”, each contains:

32.3 calories, 2.4 g  fat, 1.55 g  carbs, .37 g  fiber, 1.18 g  NET CARBS, 1.67 g protein, 16 mg sodium

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Strawberry German Pancake

          Strawberry German Pancake

Who says you have to make stuffed, savory dishes with spaghetti squash?  When I opened the refrigerator this morning, two things called to me: a cut spaghetti squash half and a few remaining red strawberries in the carton.  It immediately brought to mind a couple of very old recipes I made in my pre-low-carb days.   I wondered how I might low-carb it?  Then it came to me.  I’ll make a fluffy dessert pancake!  So that’s what I did!

This is my low-carb version of a very old recipe my Mom used to make with peaches.  Mine has less egg in it than is typical (I’m not too fond of eggs). This came out delicious and my husband, who dislikes all things I serve him with spaghetti squash, could NOT tell it was in this creation!  Don’t ya just love when you can fool someone’s taste buds that way?  🙂 Unable to find my old recipe, I just started without one. I first cooked the squash and forked out 1 c. of the threads for this recipe, storing the rest in the freezer for another use.   Then I started throwing things on top of that into the bowl.   Sometimes the ingredients just click!  🙂  This is not suitable until the berries rung of the OWL ladder.  Anyway, I think you’ll like this should you decide to give it a go.

VARIATION:  Use fresh peaches and sugar-free peach jam instead of the strawberries. (will be higher carbs however)

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1 c. cooked spaghetti squash threads

1 oz. cream cheese

2 T. butter, unsalted

2 beaten eggs

1½ pkt. Truvia sweetener, or equivalent sweetener of your choice

2 tsp. DaVinci Vanilla sugar-free syrup (or ¼ tsp. vanilla extract)

2 T. golden flax meal  (or 2 T. almond flour, or 1 T. coconut flour)

1 T. sugar-free strawberry preserves

3 oz. sliced strawberries

WHIPPED CREAM TOPPING:  1/3 c. cream, whipped.  Add 1/8 tsp. vanilla & 3 drops liquid sweetener. Stir.

DIRECTIONS:  Microwave on HI a seeded spaghetti squash half cut-side down in ½” water for 13-15 minutes.  Fork out 1 c. of the threads into a mixing bowl.  Store the rest in your fridge or freezer for another use.  Preheat oven to 350º.  While still hot, mix in the cream cheese and butter to melt.  Stir well.   Add eggs, sweetener, DaVinci, flax meal and sliced strawberries.  Stir well.  Pour into buttered pie plate or quiche dish.  Bake at 350º for about 20-25 minutes or until center is set.  Remove and cool almost completely (top layer cannot be even warm really, but bottom one will still be) or the whipped cream topping will melt and be a runny mess, spoiling visual appearance greatly.  Cut into quarters and carefully lift 1 quarter out onto each of 2 serving plates.  Spread half the strawberry preserves on each in a thin layer.  Place another quarter of the pancake nicely on top and top with half the whipped cream topping.  Serve at once and ENJOY!

NUTRITIONAL INFO:    Makes 2 servings each containing:  (calculated using flax meal):

356 calories, 29 g  fat, 12.5 g  carbs, 4.85 g  fiber, 7.65 g  NET CARBS, 10.5 g  protein, 217 mg sodium


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When I was in high school in Kansas, my best friend (also named Peggy) often had me over for dinner (we were neighbors).  Her mother was a former stage actress from Budapest who married an American Army officer during WWII.  To say her mother was a good cook would be a gross understatement.  Dinner at my friend’s house was quite the culinary experience, and as my parents were quite into gourmet cooking, I felt my ability to judge good food was well-honed by high school.

This wonderful apple dessert was like her signature dessert and it has since become a family favorite holiday dessert.  She gave my mother the recipe and I have cherished it ever since.  I have now reworked it for a low-carb lifestyle, using an entirely different crust.  I have also low carbed the filling.   The original recipe is made with all apples, a few raisins and the original crust had 1c. sour cream!  To be more authentic, you could go ahead and use sour cream for the cream called for in my pie crust below without much of a hike in carbs.  🙂  I have omitted the raisins entirely and have made mine with mostly chayote squash, with only one apple for flavor impact.  These bars definitely improve in flavor on day 2 as the rum mellows considerably overnight.

Just so I would know for myself, I worked up the nutritional numbers for making this with 5 small apples and no chayote squash and provide that info below for anyone interested in making this with all apples.  Doing so ups the carbs approximately 2 carbs per bar, which isn’t that bad a price for all apples, really.  🙂  For the holidays, I will definitely make this with all apples.  But the chayote/apple combo wasn’t bad and I would consider doing it this way again.

I hear zucchini makes a wonderful apple sub, but its moisture content in a pastry worries me a little, so I haven’t tried that apple sub yet.  I absolutely do not think this would be good with ALL chayote squash.

This dish should not be enjoyed until late in Atkins Phase 2 OWL due to the rum and apples.  I store my bars in an airtight container in the bottom of my fridge.  To be honest, they don’t usually last long enough to worry about freezing!  I’ve never frozen any of my low-carb pastries, so I don’t know how they’d freeze.

Chayote Squash (also called mirletons)

Chayote Squash (also called mirletons)


2  recipes Peggy’s “Flour” Pie Crust   (for gluten free, use your favorite gluten-free pie crust recipe)

1/3 c. granular Splenda (or equivalent sweetener of your choice)

2 chayote squash (or zucchini) , peeled and sliced ¼-3/8″ thick

1 small delicious apple (2½” diameter), peeled and sliced ¼” thick

3/4 c. pecans, chopped

2 T. rum

1 T. fresh lemon juice

lemon zest of 1 lemon

3/4 c. granular erythritol (or equivalent sweetener of your choice)

2½ tsp. cinnamon

3 egg whites, beaten to frothy/soft peaks

DIRECTIONS:   You need a 8½” x 11½” baking pan for this recipe.  Preheat oven to 350º.  Make the double recipe of pie crust dough per that recipe’s instructions, adding the 1/3 c. Splenda to the mixture.   When pastry is kneaded into a solid ball of dough, form a log and break apart into 60% and 40% (bottom crust takes a little more dough than the top crust).

BOTTOM CRUST:  Take the larger piece of dough, shape in a rough log and place between two pieces plastic.  Roll out dough into a rectangle the size of the pan’s bottom plus the depth of the sides.  Dough will be fairly thin but still manageable.  The dough must be large enough go up the sides of the pan completely to the top and over the edge in order not to fall when baked.     Peel top plastic off carefully and fold in half/lift pastry into the pan.  Adjust pastry to fit.  Carefully remove second piece of plastic and fit pastry well into the walls and corners of the pan without tearing.  Allow pastry to lay over the top edge of the pan to “hold on” and not fall inward during baking.  Prick pastry with a fork at 2″ intervals to avoid it bubbling up during baking.  Bake for 10-12 minutes in a preheated 350º oven just begins to lightly brown.  Remove and cool while you make the filling.

FILLING:  Peel and slice chayote squash and microwave covered on HI for 8-10 minutes until soft.  Peel apple and place in bowl with chayote. Beat egg whites in a separate bowl with electric hand mixer until thick (thick and frothy/soft peaks).  Add nuts, rum, lemon juice and zest, erythritol and cinnamon to the apple/squash mixture and then fold in the beaten egg whites until the fruit and nuts are well-moistened.  Using a rubber spatula, scrape the filling into the half-baked crust.  Spread as evenly as possible, pushing up into corners of pastry.  Level the apples and squash pieces so no pointy bits are sticking up as they may tear the top pastry.  I’ve had that happen before.

TOP CRUST:  Roll the remaining ball of dough between the two plastic sheets, rolling it into a rectangle just a tiny bit larger than the top of the pan. Peel off top plastic and fold up/lift gently onto the filling, being sure the edges are fitting over the bottom crust.  Crimp the top crust onto the bottom crust with your fingers to seal it well.     Pop into hot 350º oven for about 22-25 minutes or until golden brown on the edges and done in the center.  Dough will be a tiny bit soft but dry to the touch.  It will look like the final product below/right when done.  Cool completely before slicing and refrigerating.

More delicious low-carb desert recipes can be at your fingertips with your very own set of Jennifer Eloff and friends’ best-selling cookbooks LOW CARBING AMONG FRIENDS.  She has collaborated with famous low-carb Chef George Stella and several other talented chefs to bring you a wealth of delicious recipes you are going to want to try.  Even a few of my recipes are in her cookbooks! Order your 5-volume set TODAY! (also available individually) from Amazon or here: http://amongfriends.us/order.php


NUTRITIONAL INFO:  Makes 24 bars/servings, each containing:

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      Before Slicing

74.14 calories, 6.43 g  fat, 7.1 g  carbs, 5.33 g fiber, 1.77 NET CARBS, 2.68 g  protein,

61.33 mg sodium

FOR THE CURIOUS:  With all apple filling, using 5 small 2½” apples:  93 calories, 7.5g fat, 10.06 g  carbs, 6.36 g  fiber, 3.7 net carbs

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