Xylitol Sweetener is Toxic to Dogs & Cats!

I know I don’t usually have any posts but recipes I have created, but I feel so strongly about this topic I feel compelled to educate as a service to my readers.   Most low-carbers know that xylitol is a low-carb, low-cal sweetener used to replace sugar in a variety of dessert recipes.

I know many of you low-carbers out there use xylitol to sweeten your baked goods and low-carb candies, some by choice, some because other non-caloric, low-carb sweeteners don’t agree with you, some for other health or “politically correct” reasons.  Please be aware that the tiniest amount, in the case of small breed dogs, can be lethal…………and it kills really fast!  I chatted often with someone on a rat terrier fan forum who lost a small rattie to xylitol poisoning.  The pup got into an open purse on the floor with sugar-free gum inside but by the time the dog got to the vet, it was too late.  For this reason, I have never used the stuff, won’t even have it in my house.  You will never find a recipe on my site that calls for it.   I just know either I or my husband, prone to give our rat terrier a nibble of our snacks, might forget this key fact, and inadvertently give the dog a bite of something sweetened with it.

My motto is “Better Safe than Sorry.”  I don’t bring it into the house, even in the form of sugar-free gum or candy.  Here is an informative article that explains how xylitol kills:  http://www.akc.org/content/health/articles/dangers-of-xylitol/?utm_source=FB-keywee&utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=xylitol-dangers&kwp_0=326429&kwp_4=1549552&kwp_1=672472