1/8 tsp         .5 mL

1/4 tsp         1 mL

1/2 tsp         2 mL

3/4 tsp         3 mL

1 tsp            5 mL

11/2 tsp       7 mL

2 tsp          10 mL

3 tsp          15 mL

1 tbsp        15 mL

2 tbsp        30 mL

3 tbsp        45 mL

4 tbsp        60 mL

1/8 cup       30 mL

1/4 cup       60 mL

1/3 cup       75 mL

6 tbsp        90 mL

7 tbsp         105 mL

1/2 cup       125 mL

2/3 cup       150 mL

3/4 cup       175 mL

1 cup           250 mL

11/8 cups     280 mL

11/4 cups     300 mL

11/3 cups     325 mL

11/2 cups     375 mL

12/3 cups     400 mL

13/4 cups     425 mL

2 cups         500 mL

21/2 cups     625 mL

3 cups         750 mL

4 cups         1 Liter

41/2 cups     1.125 Liter

6 cups          1.5 Liter

1 oz               (30 g)

4 oz               (125 g)

8 oz               (250 g)

16 oz             (500 g)

24 oz            (750 g)

32 oz             1 kg

1 lb                .45 kg

2 lbs              0.9 kg

3.5 lbs           1.6 kg

4 lbs              1.8 kg


SWEETENER CONVERSION CHARTS: (also check your product’s website for further help).  By the way, most of these sweeteners are available at

Splenda (sucralose) :

Splenda, EZ Sweets, Fiberfit,  SweetzFree and Trishz’s (sucralose based products):


Equal (aspartame is not suitable for heating):

Truvia (mix of erythritol and stevia):

Sweet ‘n Low (saccharin) and Sweet One (acesulfame potassium) :

Erythritol, SweetzFree , Isomalt:  See this discussion:

Xylitol: WARNING:  Xylitol is toxic to all dogs, but can be lethal in smaller breeds like mine.  I do not bake with xylitol as I would be afraid I or my husband would one day forget and accidentally give a bite of something baked with it to our 12# dog.  I know someone who actually lost her rat terrier who consumed an entire pack of sugar-free gum, paper and all.  The dog had gotten into her purse that was open and unattended.  So sad.


3 comments on “CONVERSION CHARTS

  1. All sugar free sweetners are toxic to animals can cause death, Never Never feed anything with artifical sweetners to your pets

    • Only one my vet has said was lethally toxic was xylitol. Though I don’t feed my dog sweet foods other than fruit. Technically, beet sugar and REAL sugar are also bad for dogs……..bad for their urinary systems, so I find it sad that so many dog food makers (cheaper brands mostly) put beet pulp in their dry dog foods. Seriously doubt they bother extracting the beet sugar first. 😦

  2. Another great place to buy things are
    I live in the UK and half of what I find essential to my low-carb way of eating can only be purchased in the United States. Thanks to some of these online stockists, purchasing them is no longer a problem.

    Thank you for all the research you do, I am new to lowcarbing and have just found your site.

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