Low-carb baking ingredients can be somewhat difficult to find in brick-and-mortar grocery stores.  That said, health food stores carry some low-carb baking items (or are willing to special order things for you).  Without one locally, I have to order my low-carb ingredients on-line.  I start by looking first at Netrition.com (flat-rate shipping, so I wait until I have a big order for best savings) and then move on to other sources via Googling when Netrition doesn’t carry a product I need.  With the advent of supply chain issues as a result of many recent factors, some no longer carry all products they once did.  That said, the following are my favorite low-carb supply sources, but you may Google and find perhaps a cheaper source:

Netrition:  http://www.netrition.com/low_carb_products_page.html

Honeyvillegrains:  http://store.honeyvillegrain.com/flours.aspx#.UUISVoba7jU

Google: Search the web for the product and buy direct from the maker

Health Food Stores Some products available or they will special order for you

Other Great Sources:  Whole Foods, Natural Grocers, or Trader Joe’s carry many low-carb cooking ingredients everyday


Oat fiber— (96% fiber and extremely low-carb but NOT 100% GLUTEN-FREE) Order 1# bags from Netrition; 4# bag from Honeyvillegrain DO NOT confuse with oat flour or oat bran!  Both of those are very high in carbs!

Oat flourBob’s Red Mill line of products is at some groceries and some Big Lots stores.  Honeyvillegrain.com carries it reasonably priced. Or just grind your own rolled oats (certified 100% gluten free if you require gluten-free) into the finest flour possible in your food processor.  (This is higher carb and should not be confused with oat fiber discussed just above).  Some can buy it pre-ground in their are, but I’m not so lucky.   

Almond flour or Hazelnut FlourNuts.com, Netrition or Honeyvillegrain

Carba Nada Noodles by AlDente—Al Dente direct

Carbquik Bake MixNetrition  (contains wheat and not gluten-free!).  If in Canada you can order here.

Coconut Cream—I buy at my local Natural Grocers or order 8 oz. cartons on-line wherever price is best.

Coconut flour—Most grocery stores carry it now.   If not, Honeyeville Grains, Tropical Traditions or Netrition.com is where I buy mine, as it is a finer grind than many other brands. 

Coconutti ExtractSuperior Flavors 

Corn Bran—I haven’t found this anywhere but Honeyvillegrain

Fresh Corn Flavoring—I order from (and can highly recommend the taste of) Superior Flavors

Egg White ProteinNetrition carries it.  Some grocers carry it in the flour/cake department in a small can.

Einkorn Flour—Some Safeway stores, Teeters, and Trader Joe’s carry it.  Some other grocers may carry it also.  I order this non-GMO wheat flour direct from Jovial Foods.com

Flax Meal—-My Walmart carries golden flax meal in the cereal area; they shelve brown flax meal in the flour area.

Glucomannan Powder —Also called Konjac powder, available at Netrition

Guar Gum–A thickener similar to xanthan gum it usage and available at Netrition and Vitacost .  Walmart sometimes carries it in the supplements area.  I usually find it as easy to use as xanthan gum.

Whey Protein Isolate—I order NOW brand unflavored wherever I can find a good deal on it on-line.  I don’t use the flavored varieties hardly ever.

Xanthan Gum—I order from Netrition, or get at Walmart supplements area or some health food stores carry it.  This is the thickener I find easiest to use.

Erythritol—available at Netrition or Honeyvillegrain.   Available in granular or powdered form.

Boyajian Citrus Oils —order direct from Boyajian online or at Amazon .  Some Whole Foods carry this line.

Coconut Cream—I use the UNsweetened variety (do not confuse with Creme of Coconut used in bar drinks, which is loaded with sugar!  Read all ingredients on labels!.  I buy it at my local Natural Grocers or order on-line at best source, often Wilderness Family Naturals.

Spices—I order hard-to-find spices on-line from Penzey’s, or buy from their stores direct if you have one near you.

DaVinci Sugar Free Syrups:  I order direct from Davinci

Torani Sugar Free Syrups: I order direct from Torani.  

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil-–I used to have to order from Tropical Traditions, Vitacost or Wilderness Family Naturals on-line.  Sam’s has it also (54 oz. large jar) for around $13.98 (and that size is usually around $20)!

Palm Shortening–I order from Tropical Traditions on-line

Parchment Paper–Any grocery store carries small boxes in aisle with foil/waxed paper.  Sam’s has larger box.

Psyllium Husk Powder–I use NOW brand at cheapest source on-line



  1. Hi, I am really late to the party according to dates, but I JUST ran across your blog! WOW! This is what I have been looking for in all the cookbooks I have ordered and find all kinds of things I would probably not cook either due to hubby or cost, although I will eat or at least try almost anything! (That’s my problem, love food.) I need to Keto, but having trouble finding just everyday recipes. Even my endocrinologist sent me to a nutritionists and she does not understand that I can gain weight even reading about carbs in a recipe. So due to Type 2, I’ve decided to launch out on my own into the Keto world! I think your site is going to be my go-to place until I can lose about 150 lbs, then I can probably switch to low carb rather than strict keto. I am from Texas and your picture and the fact that you are from Texas just sealed the deal that I am in the right place! Soooooo very happy to find you! Hope you are still doing recipes. I caught the Induction area that a reader above in this section was asking about. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your wisdom, experiences and even not so successful attempts so WE can be successful. God bless you! P.S. I also had a fox terrier named Buttons as a child.

    1. Welcome, Guion! I’m glad you found my site, too. I love good food but it must be simple to make. Toward that end, I keep a well-stocked pantry so all is at my fingertips. I think you’ll find all my recipes are quick, tasty and remind you of many of the comfort foods you grew up on. Have fun browsing my over 1,000 recipes now. I’ve been doing this for 8 years now. I’m retired, so I don’t post as often as I did back in 2009 when I started out, but I post something nearly every week.

  2. Could you recommend a brand of whey protein? It’s my first time ordering, and Netrition has dozens of brands. And, like some of the folks above, I just wanted to thank you for doing this. I know how much time and energy goes into writing and posting, so I hope you realize how many people you’re helping. And how many fans you have out here who are normally quiet. 🙂

    1. Fran, I use NOW brand of whey protein isolate, because it has always been pretty cheap compared to other brands. I only bake with it for the most part, as I’m not into smoothies and protein drinks much. I buy the huge 10# bag and store the overage in my chest freezer. Keeps for a year or longer for me.

      I hear good things about the flavor of Isopure. It is slightly lower carb, but more expensive, too. But if you make a lot of shakes/drinks with it, you might prefer one better-tasting than NOW.

      1. Thanks so much. I am just getting into baking and am more of a “real” food girl, so I’ll probably go with your choice. Thank you again.

  3. Is it still going to be lo carb if I substitute almond flour for the lo carb baking mix. Can’t find a source for it. Don’t need gluten free, just want lo carb biscuits.

    1. Susie, I just don’t know how that changes the numbers. You’d have to recalculate the nutritional info for the total recipe on an on-line food/recipe tracker tool. I’m sorry, but I’m not willing to redo that for all substitution questions. But to be quite honest, biscuits with all almond flour just won’t cook up as well. They will be drier and pretty crumbly. I would either make up a batch of Jennifer’s gluten-free mix, or order Carbquick from someplace on-line like Netrition.com if you want the best biscuit results.

  4. Your recipes are amazing! Thank you for all you do for the low carb community. Having resources like this make this lifestyle change so much easier! I do have a question. On the unflavored and unsweetened protein powder, do you have a certain brand that you use or suggest? Thank you!!

    1. Welcome, Lesley! And thank you! I hope you find lots of recipes here you will like. Yes, I always order the NOW brand of plain whey protein powder. It has a reasonable flavor when baked and is reasonble as that stuff goes. I have a big chest freezer, so I buy the humongous 10# bag for the price break and freeze the lion’s share to save a little money. They stuff really went up in the last 2 years. I usually Google and get the best deal I can find on the 10# bag. I’ve never had any loss over 1½-year storage life on that bag. That’s about how long it takes me to use the big bag up. Now that I’m baking less, the current bag will likely last even longer.

  5. Peggy,
    this resource has been great…thanks
    Also I would like to know where do you think would be a good place to order extracts ? I want flavors that I can not find in the stores & I would like to know that they are good quality. I remember you mentioned a site that you were going to try for citrus flavors ,which I forgot to write down so I don’t have it now – would you mind repeating it?
    I am doing alot of baking for the holidays & would like to start trying out new flavors /extracts…there are so many !
    Thanks for all you help……

    1. You can’t beat the Boyajian mini box of orange, lemon and lime oils. Just a few drops is like 1 tsp. of most others and the set will last you a very long time. Outstanding flavor: http://www.boyajianinc.com/citrus.html#minicitrus I haven’t tried their other flavorings but plan to in future as needed.

      To be quite honest, I don’t use many flavorings and try to stick to the real thing when I can. I’ve even stopped using the Torani and DaVinci syrups, as I’m avoiding sucralose now, too. Sometimes I use a little maple extract when I need a brown sugar taste; sometimes a little almond extract in cherry and peach desserts. I’ve just been using up my existing supply of McCormick and Superior Products flavorings until they are all gone. I have tried the coconutti, almond and fresh corn from these people and can vouch those 3 are good: http://www.selectflavors.com/individual-flavors/ 🙂

      Another option I plan to pursue is these people. http://www.naturesflavors.com/index.php/flavors-organic-flavors.html I hear their flavorings are all natural without alcohol and additives. I’ve hear good things about their flavors, but they are indeed pricey.

      I’ve heard lots of folks on LC forums rant about how good LorAnn flavorings are, but I ordered 6 2 years ago and threw 5 of the 6 out! I thought they were perfectly horrid. Maybe I just ordered the wrong flavors, but I won’t waste my money there again.

      1. Hi Peggy
        Thanks for the help –I’m going to look a few up now. I don’t use alot either but there are some flavors that I would like to use for the holidays –caramel..maple..coconut…butterscotch…just odd ball stuff that I’m trying out and homemade licorice. I came so very close to buying the LorAnn myself but thought I’d better ask around first..glad I did.
        I’ll let you know when I finally do test out some of these others…….
        Thanks again

  6. Those are great ideas!! I love your recipes and I look forward to more with the “oat fiber”(?) Thank you so much!!

  7. Peggy,

    Thanks for all you do to keep me low carb. However, I will be on Phase 1 for months to come. Is there a way to just go thru recipes that are only for phase 1?

    Thanks again!


    1. Cathy, I’m so glad you like my recipes! I’m sorry, but my site’s search feature isn’t capable of sorting and listing the recipes that way, only by recipe category shown on the right. But once you browse a category and pull one up, the narrative of each recipe clearly states if it is OK for Induction or not, or what to change/leave out to make it OK for Induction in some cases. EDIT (to add 1 additional thought): you can do a search but I don’t word myself the same way all the time. I sometimes say a recipe “is Induction friendly”, sometimes I word it “is OK for Induction”, and sometimes I say it “is suitable for Induction. So you’d have to search several different ways. One of these days, I need to create a category called Induction Recipes in the sidebar and go back and tag all 600 recipes so they will be easily grouped there for you. I didn’t think to do it that way 4 years ago when I set up the blog, but I DO plan to do it eventually. Takes a long time to go back in and tag that many recipes again.

      UPDATE: Cathy, I have now gone in and added an INDUCTION RECIPE button at the top right of the page that will only show those recipes for you now. Hope this will be helpful for you and others still on Induction.

      What I did when I started Atkins 2+ years ago was I literally studied the Acceptable Foods List a few minutes every night for about a week or so, just like you would for a test in school, until I became so familiar with the veggies on it and few other items on it, I knew in a quick glance if a recipe was OK or not for Induction. Knowledge is POWER! There’s the teacher in me coming out again. Hope you don’t mind my suggestion. Another advantage to getting that familiar with the list of Acceptable Foods is when you’re in a restaurant, you aren’t going to want to keep pulling that list out to see if what you are about to eat/order is OK or not. Too embarrassing. And when eating at someone’s house, you’ll want to know without a list at the table. Again, too embarrassing. 🙂 Hope these tips helps you continue your Atkins journey with greater ease. And best of luck to you with your weight loss efforts!

  8. Hi there– recently found your blog and all the recipes look wonderful. Netrition is out of stock on oat fiber. Do you have any suggestions on substitutes, or another place to buy it?

    Thanks a bunch!!

    1. Welcome, Beth! Check out Honeyvillegrains.com. They sell it but in a 4# bag. I buy it from them and just store my surplus in my chest freezer. 🙂

  9. Peggy,

    I’m really enjoying all the recipes on your site! They are helping me maintain a low carb lifestyle with a good amount of variety. I do have a question about liquid sweetner. I can’t get it where I live and am wondering if I can just use powdered? Thanks again and I’m looking forward to eating my way through your site!

    1. Oh sure, Jill, you can use powdered/granular sweeteners. I have added some conversion charts on my INFO/CONVERSION page that may help you convert, but bear in mind, the dry sweeteners usually have 1 carb per serving you’d have to add to the nutritional stats. I only started using the liquid recently myself (to save carbs) 🙂
      Glad you enjoy the recipes and DO have fun eating your way through the site! 🙂

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