Me and my rat terrier, Button, my most eager taste tester.

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Welcome to Buttoni’s Low-Carb Recipes!   My name is Peggy.  I’m a retired teacher living “Deep in the Heart of Texas” with my husband of 48 years.

I have been collecting recipes ever since high school and have worked diligently to modify all my favorite recipes to bring them in line with a low-carb lifestyle, which I have followed since 2009.  Lost a total of 36 pounds eating this way and have never felt better health-wise.  This website started out purely Atkins in focus, as that is where I began my low-carb journey.  I have since begun to incorporate some Primal Blueprint and Paleo approaches to healthy eating.  I have therefore created a new Primal-Paleo recipe category on the right hand side of the pages and will tag a recipe as Primal-Paleo if I feel it is suitable for those lifestyles (either as-written or with only a slight modification, like clarifying the butter, subbing coconut milk for cream or just omitting cheese).  I will continue to offer recipes that can be easily adapted to fit all 3 lifestyles.  I see all 3 ways of eating as nutritionally sound and very similar.

Those that spend much time browsing recipes on my site can readily see that I’m all about QUICK and EASY in the kitchen.  To be honest, if it takes longer than 30 minutes to put together or get in the oven, I’m just not interested.   I leave the complicated or time-consuming dishes to the professionals.  Cooking should be enjoyable, not drudgery!

I welcome recipe feedback and suggestions.  When I feel a need to make changes to a recipe, whether due to an error, or a marked recipe improvement, I will promptly edit the recipe and update nutritional stats to reflect the change(s).

Visit often and enjoy the low-carb journey with me!


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  1. Hi Peggy!
    I am a Trim Healthy Mama Purist (eating whole foods ). I have been trying to come up with a low carb sprouted Einkorn pasta. There are Einkorn pasta recipes online, but I was wondering if any of you have done any experimentation and research to make an low carb Einkorn pasta. I see some fantastic low carb Einkorn dishes on your site that I cannot wait to try. I am sprouting and grinding a lot of my own grains, seeds, and nuts and fermenting my own dairy products. If you have not, can you provide me with some pointers or guidelines that might work, so I can start some experimenting of my own! LOL I hope to hear from you! Thank you so much!

    • I’ve had so many health issues this past year, Amy, I haven’t been doing much creative new-recipe cooking. Those issues are settling down now, so I hope to get back to developing some new recipes again. I do use a little Einkorn in my baked goods, as you have noted on my site. I think subbing it into ANY recipe for pasta you have made successfully would work just fine. I don’t find that the Einkorn is overpowering in a recipe like using all whole wheat flour in recipes can be. Even the King Arthur Flour people don’t recommend 100% whole wheat flour in a recipe. The Jovial Foods website has some recipe and it seems like I saw one there on their site for pasta. Worth a look-see. If not, I’d just use your favorite tride-n-true pasta recipe that uses white flour, sub in 100% Einkorn flour. If the results are too dense, you are going to want to try using 50:50 combo of Einkorn/white flour. Frankly, I think either route will render good results. Would love your feedback if you decide to dabble there.

  2. So happy I happened on your post!! Someone posted it on a fb group I belong to and I’m thrilled! Always looking for recipes to keep me and my husband in a forward direction! We are retired and love this woe. He’s lost 40, I’ve lost 30 and we are continuing into 2018!

    • Welcome, Nancy! I’m retired,too. So now I get to re-design all my recipes into low-carb versions. I’ve always enjoyed cooking, so it was only natural for me. Congrats on your WL success so far. May it continue to your and your husband’s goals. This WOE really does work, doesn’t it? I have over 1000 recipes, many of our comfort foods here, so explore away!

  3. Peggy, I KNOW that I read a recipe somewhere on your blog where you said that the recipe required a REAL pumpkin (or squash, maybe) and that the canned variety would not work. Help? I haven’t been able to find that again, and I find myself with MANY winter squashes (including a sugar pumpkin) and absolutely no idea what to do. It seems that the Internet, in general, prefers the canned variety.

    Thank you for all that you continue to do.
    Ouida Lampert

  4. Thank you so much for some outstanding recipes! I am heartened to know that I can add some additional fabulous entrees into our meal rotation! My husband is in for a treat!

    • WELCOME! I hope you enjoy browsing my collection. Over 1,000 comfort foods converted to low-carb and a number of Indian, Mexican, Greek and other foreign flavors as well.

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