Fish Filet in Shawarma Sauce

Tilapia in Shawarma Sauce

Fish Filet in Shawarma Sauce

This quickly thought-up menu turned out to be one of the best fish dishes I’ve created in a VERY long time!  I just can’t believe how easy it was.  Can’t believe how good it was.  This recipe just made my regular fish recipe rotations, for sure!  I don’t believe I’ve ever used my shawarma spice on seafood before, but will be definitely be doing so again in the future!  It’s truly delightful on fish!  It was almost like a Hollandaise sauce, but without all the fuss, since I keep a fresh batch of homemade mayo made up all the time.  This dish is acceptable for Atkins Induction and is Paleo friendly if you use coconut milk in lieu of the cream.  You can use swai, sole, flounder, tilapia, bluefish, or any mild fish really.  Halibut will work and I’ve even used salmon.

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4   5-oz. fish filets or fish filet portions of your choice

2 T. unsalted butter

1½ tsp. Shawarma Spice blend

1/3 c. homemade mayonnaise

2 T. heavy cream

Pinch salt

DIRECTIONS:    Stir 1 tsp. of the spice blend and the cream or coconut milk into the mayo in a small serving dish and set aside while you saute the fish.  No need to warm it (fish will be hot enough to warm the sauce when plating) but you can heat in your microwave on DEFROST a couple minutes if so compelled).  Melt the butter in a non-stick skillet or griddle over medium-high heat. Pat any moisture off the fish with paper towels and sprinkle both sides evenly with the remaining ½ tsp. seasoning and a pinch of salt.    Raise heat to high and sear the fish on both sides until golden brown and done in center (takes just about 3-4 minutes on a side.  Plate the filets and spoon about 2 tablespoons of the creamy sauce over each portion.    Serve with a green vegetable or nice green salad.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:  Makes 4 servings, each contains:

338.5 calories

25 g  fat

.63 g  carbs, .13 g  fiber, .5 g  NET CARBS

28.3 g  protein

83 mg sodium



10 thoughts on “Fish Filet in Shawarma Sauce

  1. thank you for posting all you do. Made shawarma fish and cauli-brocco baby and got the best compliment from my teenage son. “This is like eating in a fancy restaurant.” I’m not much of a cook and that sure put a big grin on my face.

    1. Well, Sarah, having taught school, and taught teenagers in particular, that says worlds to me. They’re not exactly easy to please in the palate department. Thanks for letting me know these two recipes made a big impression on him. 🙂 I reacted to the fish like you….like eating in a fancy restaurant with a sauce a saucier might spend considerable time on. But this sauce was a “piece ‘o cake”. My kinda sauce! I’m a gravy/sauce person, so stick around. I’m always posting new sauces that have many versatile uses.

    1. Welcome, Sarah Jane! This really is flavorful and I hope you’ll mix up a batch of my shawarma spice. It is great on so MANY things: chicken, shrimp, fish, eggplant, roasted vegetables. The commercial brands of shawarma are often of lesser quality unless obtained through a real Middle Eastern grocer near you or on-line. Theirs will be the GOOD stuff. Hope you like this dish if you try it!

      BTW, I’ve copied several of your recipes to try in future. You have some very nice ones that sound wonderful!

  2. This looks like a winner and so quick and easy! I keep a spice jar filled with your seasoning, so just have to purchase the fish. Thanks so much!

  3. Initially I thought it was the shawarma wrap, anyway this looks good. I love tilapia but we dont have that fish here in NZ, the last time I had that was in LA

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