Seafood Bisque

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I’ve made shrimp, crawfish, lobster or crab bisque this way for years.  Sometimes I substitute 1T. tomato paste for the fresh tomato instead.  This is very rich and smooth.  I’ve tried leaving the salt out but it is just too flat without it, folks.  I like to boil the shrimp shells down for 30 minutes, strain for a nice seafood stock.  If I’m doing fresh lobster or crawfish, I sear the shells in oil in a dutch oven, pounding them as much as I can with a wooden cleaver to break them up well.  I add water to cover and boil for 30 minutes.  If you don’t have any seafood stock in your freezer, just use chicken broth.  This dish provides 54% RDA Vitamin B12, 63% selenium and it is definitely Induction friendly!


5 oz. peeled shrimp, lobster, crawfish,crab or any combination (save shells to boil to make stock)

2 thick slices bacon, chopped fine

2 oz. onion, chopped

1 plum tomato, seeded and chopped

1 oz. sherry

2 oz. cream

2 sprigs parsley

2 c. seafood or chicken stock

Dash salt and white pepper (or black if you don’t have any)

Xanthan or guar gum to thick

Sprinkle of my (or any) seafood seasoning:


Peel/shell the seafood and save shells.  Boil the shells in enough water to cover them, but at least 3 c. total.  Strain and discard shells.  Chop bacon fine and fry in no-stick skillet.  When bacon begins to brown, add chopped onion.  Brown well and finally add the chopped tomato to the saute pan. Cook until  the tomato releases its juices.  Add seafood and  stock.  When stock comes to a boil, turn burner to lowest heat setting.  Add cream, sherry, parsley and seasonings.  Simmer for about 5 more minutes to let the flavors blend.  To thicken bisque, slowly dust tiny amount of xanthan gum on the surface and stir each addition in well before adding another.  After a minute, if not thick enough, repeat dusting with more xanthan gum, until desired thickness is achieved.   I don’t like my bisque watery, but I sure don’t like it so thick a spoon will almost stand up in the bowl all by itself, as many restaurants serve it!  Somewhere in-between is what you want to aim for.

NUTRITIONAL INFO: Serves 2, each serving contains:

253 calories

11.1 g  fat

6.8 g  carbs

1.3 g  fiber

5.5 g  NET CARBS

25.1 g  protein

819 mg sodium


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