Toasted Coconut Candy


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Toasted Coconut Candy

I try to incorporate coconut oil into my diet every single day as it has so many health benefits.  The ever popular Fat Bombs all over the internet gave me this idea.    What a delicious way to boost one’s intake of coconut oil!   I keep these at the ready in the freezer.   They can eaten right from the freezer, as they don’t get completely hard.  These are so good it can be tricky just eating ONE!   This candy reminds me a lot of those tiny, rich butter mints I had as a child, only these are cherry-coconut-almond flavored!  Mmmmm So good!

This recipe is not suitable for Atkins Induction.  Wait until you get to the nuts and seeds level of Atkins Phase 2 for these tasty babies.


8 oz. softened cream cheese

¼ c. (1 oz). dessicated, unsweetened coconut

¼ c. (1 oz.) dessicated, unsweetened coconut, TOASTED

½ c. coconut oil

1 oz. roasted almonds, ground coarsely

1 tsp. almond extract (makes the candy extra special)

3 T. coconut flour

¼ c. powdered erythritol (I powder in my food processor)

½ tsp. Fiberfit or other liquid sweetener to taste

Tiny pinch of salt

DIRECTIONS:  Toast ¼ cup coconut on a pan in a 400º oven for 5-6 minutes or until just golden.  Remove and cool.  Line an 8×11 pan with waxed paper large enough to hang over the side a bit, so you’ll have something to grab onto when this is set.   I speak from experience when I caution you to watch that coconut closely in the oven lest it burn.  I’ve burned several batches in my time getting distracted in the kitchen.  So I have learned to not start my recipes until the coconut has been safely removed from the oven.  🙂

In a mixing bowl, whip the soft cream cheese with a rubber spatula.  Add both the toasted and untoasted coconut, as well as the chopped almonds.  Stir well.  Next add the  salt, coconut flour, erythritol, Fiberfit and almond extract.    Add the coconut oil last.  Beat the candy well to make your best attempt to incorporate the oil into the candy.  When it is as blended as best you can get it, scrape it out onto the wax-paper lined pan.  Using your spatula or hands, spread the candy out as evenly as possible.  Some of the oil will rise to the top, but that’s OK, as it freezes and isn’t really seen or noticed on the finished candy.  Place pan on a level shelf/surface in your freezer 4-5 minutes.  Remove and cut into 48 pieces (6×8).  Return to the freezer for 30 minutes.  Remove and separate the pieces by lifting the waxed paper up and bending them apart.  This will melt/soften quickly, so do not leave it out of the freezer ahead of consuming.  Just take out what you are eating immediately.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:    Makes 48 pieces that are about 1¼” square.  Each piece contains:

51.4 cals, 5.11 g fat, 1.06 g carbs, 0.6 g fiber, 0.46 NET CARBS, .72 g protein


16 thoughts on “Toasted Coconut Candy

    1. I think that varies from individual to individual but it is supposed to be the “least offending” of the sugar alcohols that way. It doesn’t bother me or my husband that way at all. But you’d just have to try it really, to find out how it effects you, Debbie.

  1. Is there any reason you can’t/shouldn’t use a stand mixer to do all this beating and scraping? Would it whip it up too much or break up the coconut too much? Just curious. It sounds a bit labor-heavy… or maybe I’m just being whimpy. It’s probably easier to clean without the mixer.

    1. Easier clean up, Bo, but no, there’s no reason a stand mixer can’t be used. I just don’t like them, personally and got rid of mine years ago. Don’t like the head blocking 1/2 the bowl entry and don’t like to have to constantly lift them up and down either. Then there’s the clean up. Just my personal preference though.

    1. Hi, Jane. Erythritol is a sweetener (sugar alcohol to be exact) that doesn’t have much impact on your blood glucose levels. Click my “Where to Buy” tab at the top of the page and you will see where I order this and most of the uncommon ingredients called for in low-carb baking. You’ll notice I also call for a liquid sucralose (Fiberfit), and that’s because combinations of sweeteners tend to work better than just using MORE of one sweetener. Any liquid sweetener would work though, it doesn’t have to be Fiberfit. That’s just what I was using at the time I created this recipe. Not sure why, but even Dr. Atkins said 2 or even 3 sweeteners sweeten better than just a large amount of one, particularly in chocolate desserts.

  2. These are really good! I had a mishap..I forgot to put in the coconut oil. I kept thinking why are these so hard to spread. Was cleaning up and found the coconut oil. So I scraped them back in the bowl and added the coconut oil. Was so much easier that way. Lol! What a forgiving recipe! So very good!

    1. 🙂 Gee, I thought I was the only person that did things like that, Sharon. 🙂 I’m so glad you were able to “salvage”. And I’m delighted you like these. It’s one of my better low-carb candies I think.

  3. Hi Buttoni,

    These are amazing little candies. Just made them.. and the trick of freezing for a few minutes, cutting and then freezing again is so smart. Thank you for sharing this recipe. I’m incorporating CO into my diet and I was getting tired of taking it straight by the TBSP. Yummmmmy.

    1. So glad you’re enjoying this easy way to boost coconut oil intake. Have to admit I like them, too, and have some in my freezer right now. I pop one or two each day. 🙂

  4. Allison, if you mean EZsweets, I would just put in 3-4 drops at a time, stir well and taste test before adding more. I find EZsweets to be a little stronger than Fiberfit in its sweetening power. This stuff is really good, and so easy to make! I just had a couple pieces after lunch today. Mmmm.

  5. I can’t wait to try this! It sounds delicious. Would I use the same amout of EZ drops as fiber fit if that is what I have?

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