Boursin Scrambled Eggs

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I keep Boursin  soft cheese “Garlic and Fine Herbs” flavor in the door of my refrigerator almost always.  Not something I like to run out of.  I keep finding interesting things to try it in or on.  It reminds me a lot of cream cheese, but much more intense flavor.  I find it way too heavy all by itself, as a dip or spread.  But I am really starting to like it in small amounts in a variety of odd places.  This morning’s eggs is yet another example.  Very tasty and not the usual frowns and winces from my husband who prefers plain eggs.  So I thought I’d share this Induction friendly recipe with everyone.  I’m going to try the “Chive and Onion” Boursin in my eggs next time!  Boursin cheeses are usually found in the deli or specialty cheese section of better grocery stores.

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2 T. butter, unsalted

4 large eggs, beaten

1½ T.  Boursin cheese, (I used Garlic and Herb flavor)

2 T. parsley, chopped

DIRECTIONS:   Melt butter in a non-stick skillet over medium heat.  Add Boursin cheese and stir to dissolve.  Cheese will look like it’s curdling, but don’t worry, not a problem.  Add all the parsley but 1 tsp. reserved for garnish.  After 1 minutes, add beaten eggs and cook until done.  Serve with garnish of remaining parsley.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:    Makes 2 servings, each contains:

262 cals, 23g fat, 1.2g carbs, 0.15g fiber, 1.05g NET CARBS, 13.1g protein, 165 mg sodium

If you’re not familiar with Boursin cheese, it’s a soft cheese that comes in a foil wrapper in a little box that looks like this.  It’s usually in the specialty cheese/delicatessen are of your grocery store.HerbBoursin


10 thoughts on “Boursin Scrambled Eggs

  1. Michelle

    I love this cheese. I make a sauce with it and pour it over chicken or pork chops. I fry up my meat in butter or sometime cook bacon first and use the grease to cook my meat. Then take meat out and fry up a bit of onion and add the cheese with a bit of heavy cream to make the sauce and cook until thick and pour over meat. So yummy. I’ve used different flavors and they are all good.

  2. Jonika

    Thank you, I will have to see if our store carries it. If not, I’ll have to go to Kroger (that one definitely does).

    1. buttoni

      They were sinfully rich, Cori. Wouldn’t want it often, but once or twice a month would be a nice change of pace. I get so tired of eggs the same old ways and can really get into a rut with eggs. Not one of my favorite foods, so I just have to force myself to get creative with them. 🙂

  3. Jonika

    This looks lovely! I am always looking for new ways to make eggs.
    I have to say I am not familiar with Boursin cheese. Could you post a picture of it here or send it to my email, please? If I want to have cheese with my eggs, I usually use Mozarella with herbs (basil, etc.)from the Walmart’s deli section…

    1. buttoni

      I’ve added a pic of the box and a link to Wiki info on this cheese for you. Actually, I meant to include the picture this morning and forgot in my rush.

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