Microwave Biscuits

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Two portions shown

This biscuit was inspired by a recipe of Dottie on Low Carb Friends forums.

Triple recipe (6 portions). Dishes are 6″ long.

I’ve added and changed a number of ingredients to come up with a very tasty, tall, light, fluffy quick morning biscuit.  The texture of this biscuit is so smooth I plan to explore a variety of sweet applications as well.  I may try a buttermilk biscuit version soon, too!  This recipe makes two biscuits that I find VERY filling.  I have trouble eating a second one.  My husband commented that he was having trouble eating his second one as well.  I tripled this recipe as seen in the pic on the right, to make a total of 6 biscuits so there would be some leftover.  However I will not do this in future, as the leftover biscuits were not quite as moist and fluffy.  But they were perfectly OK for say some good sausage gravy on top or for sausage cheese biscuits.  These are not suitable until the grains rung of the Atkins OWL ladder.  All unusual ingredients in this I order from Netrition.com on-line.


1 T. almond flour

1 T. Carbquik bake mix

1 T. coconut flour (I use Let’s Do Organic)

1 T. vital wheat gluten

1 tsp. resistant wheat starch 75

½ tsp. baking powder

Dash salt

1 tsp. oat fiber

1 beaten large egg

2 T. Greek or well-drained plain yogurt

1 tsp. olive oil (plus 1/4 tsp. to lightly oil baking ramekins)

DIRECTIONS:  Lightly oil two 3″ or 4″ ramekins (or one larger 6″ x 4″ x 3/4″deep baking dish like I used) that are microwaveable.  Preheat broiler for final browning (toaster oven or regular toaster will work as well).  Measure all dry ingredients into a bowl.  Stir in the yogurt and olive oil.  Beat and add in the egg last.  Stir well to blend ingredients uniformly throughout batter.  Dip evenly into ramekins/baking dish, spreading batter with rubber spatula evenly to edges.  Microwave on HI for 1 minute 30 seconds (or check sooner, as you MW may cook hotter than mine).  Pop dish into broiler a few minutes to lightly brown the tops.  Next time I plan to tip the biscuits out of the baking dish before browning, slice them laterally and brown both the tops and bottoms on one side in the broiler.  I’m fond of the crusty surfaces.   🙂  Cut the larger biscuit in half as it will serve two people. Serve with butter and/or your favorite jam.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:   Makes two large portions (each half is a 3″ biscuit).  Each portion contains:

119.5 calories

7.85 g  fat

10.25 g  carbs, 5.32 g  fiber, 4.93 NET CARBS

5.9 g  protein

243 mg sodium

16 thoughts on “Microwave Biscuits

    1. They DO, Susie. I find even as leftovers, they’re pretty good, though the texture seems to be a bit coarser when leftover and reheated. Taste great though! Thanks for stopping in today!

  1. SkeeterN (lcf) aka Anita

    I know people shouldn’t ask to substitute ingredients but I don’t have coconut flour. Do you think I could maybe add something else? LIke more almond flour, maybe protein powder (plain) or more carbquik in place of this?

    SkeeterN (lcf) aka Anita

    1. I’d go with more Carbquick Skeeter. Bear in mind, substitutions will change up the nutritional information and usually render slightly different results, possibly worse, possibly better. 🙂 Makes the experimenting fun though. Do let us know how it comes out for you.

    2. Making flours is relatively easy most are….( this one is probably unsweetened coconut and something so it doesn’t stick, use what you will be using in most recipes) put in a blender and powdered.

      1. SkeeterN

        Jane, Coconut flour isn’t made from coconut itself but actually from the milk. I tried grinding coconut and ICK! I finally found coconut flour at Meijers. I am so happy. I made 2 lovely cakes with this product. It takes a great deal of eggs as coconut flour has no gluten and the eggs help with this. Also coconut flour is like a sponge and you almost have to add equal parts of liquid to the coconut flour or it will be too dry.

  2. rae otlowski

    Hi Peggy,

    You came up with another great recipe. I just saw it and have already made it. They turned out beautifully! I agree they would be great with sausage gravy. Now, I will be able to have a sausage and egg on a biscuit when I make them for my family. 🙂 Thanks again for all your wonderful recipes.

  3. Kathy Jo Horan

    Thanks so much for all your recipes! I have tried several and each one has been delicious. I am looking forward to trying this one also –
    Is there anything that can be substituted for the resistent wheat starch 75?
    I have everything else in the pantry!

    1. Glad you enjoy my recipes, KathyJo. There’s not really an easy sub for resistant wheat starch. Some have used resistant CORN starch, but it’s no more readily available than the RWS, Kathy Jo. You’d have to order either on-line most likely. I’d just leave it out since it’s only a teaspoon. That may impact texture a teeny bit, maybe more holes in the final product than my pic has. But as RWS is mostly fiber, omitting it will lower your fiber count and therefore slightly RAISE the carb count if you omit it. You see, I use it (and oat fiber) not just as texture enhancers, but also as carb-reducing fiber additives. 😉 Hope you like these as much as we did!

  4. Cathy Mayes

    Like your blog, do you have a bread machine recipe? I’m a southern girl and like my bread and taters! Some people say chayote squash is a good sub, do have any recipes.

    Thanks for any help.

    1. Cathy, I’m sorry but I don’t have any bread machine recipes as I sold mine years ago. I was eating way too much yeast bread when it was so easy to make it in the machine, so I decided to get it out of the house for my own good. 🙂 Jennifer Eloff’s Splendid Low Carbing website has a number of yeast bread recipes that I hear great reviews on. Many are for making in a bread machine. You can’t go wrong with any of Jennifer’s recipes. Wonderful cook with a new cookbook out this year, too: http://amongfriends.us/ Couple of my recipes are even published in it! Do check out her website: http://low-carb-news.blogspot.com/

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