Lemon-Coconut Fat Bombs!

Click to enlarge my oversized ones)
Click to enlarge my over-sized ones)

This recipe was inspired by a Lemon Fat Bomb recipe posted by Widget over on LowCarbFriends forums:  http://www.lowcarbfriends.com/bbs/lowcarb-recipe-help-suggestions/795430-lemon-fat-bomb.html. I subbed in coconut cream for the sour cream; subbed in lemon zest for the extract.  I added coconut, and also increased lemon juice quite a bit, as I wanted them pretty tart!  These have a WONDERFUL punch of lemon and a subtle flavor of coconut.  They are a delightful sweet treat for any low-carber!  My thanks to Widget for this idea!  These will make my regular dessert recipe rotations.  Not acceptable however until the nuts and seeds rung of the Atkins OWL carb ladder.  I had to use a larger than usual mold to make these and it only made 12 (my smaller candy mold was in the freezer with a chocolate version not yet set).   I will not make these “candies” this large in future.  I’m cutting the big ones in half actually. So I have worked up the nutritional information for 24 pieces of “candy” as that size makes much more sense to me for candy.  I see a lime-coconut version next time…..or cherry, or rum-raisin, or lime, or……………….! 🙂


1 stick (4 oz.) unsalted butter

3/4 c. coconut oil

1 oz. unsweetened, shredded coconut

zest of 2 small lemons

juice of 2 small lemons

4 oz. cream cheese

¼ c. coconut cream (kind with no added sugar)

sweetener of your choice  to taste

DIRECTIONS:   Soften cream cheese however you prefer to do that.  Set aside.  Melt butter and coconut oil in a medium saucepan over medium heat. Add zest and lemon juice and stir.  Add coconut.  Add coconut cream and finally, the soft cream cheese.  Whip all ingredients with a whisk until as smooth as you can get it.  Don’t worry if the cream cheese appears to separate, as that will not be noticed in the final frozen candies.  Slowly add your sweetener tasting as you do so until you get it as sweet as you like such things.  Remember if you use sweeteners with carbs, you must add those to the numbers below.  Using a 2 T. measuring cup or spoon, dip mixture evenly into 24 candy mold slots (if using silicon molds, set them on a metal pan so the liquid will not spill when lifted) or into paper or foil liners designed for making candy.  Transfer to the freezer for 30 or more minutes, seeing that the mold is level in the freezer.    Pop them out when set and ENJOY right from the freezer!  Store the leftover candies in a plastic bag in your freezer until ready to eat.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:   Makes 24 small candies about 1½” x 1½”, each one will have:

122 calories

13.7 g  fat

.91 g  carbs, .29 g  fiber, .62 g NET CARBS

.5 g  protein

15.3 mg sodium


(For those interested, entire recipe contains 2929 calories, 329 g  fat, 21.8 g  carbs, 6.9 g  fiber, 14.9 g  net carbs, 12 g protein)

48 thoughts on “Lemon-Coconut Fat Bombs!

  1. Dawn

    Can I use coconut milk instead of coconut crème. I don’t have any of that in my town that does not have sugar added into it.?

    1. Hope you like them. I just finished off my last batch yesterday! With that much lemon juice, they freeze harder than the chocolate fat bombs, but if you like them softer, you can always back off on the lemon juice. I like them pretty tart, myself. 🙂

  2. Laura

    Hi, I think this sounds delish – if I don’t have lemons how much lemon juice or lemon extract would I use?
    Thanks for all the lovely recipes you have been putting out. The breads are especially nice – I still miss bread once in awhile.

    1. If you mean Real Lemon bottled juice, that is probably not going to taste so good in these. If you mean pure frozen concentrate with no added sugar, I would say 3 T. For the lemon extract, probably 1/2 tsp. would be enough. But I’ll be honest, the fresh lemons would be 1000 times better and worth waiting until you can get some at the store. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the bread recipes, as I consider those such a challenge. So when they come out a success, I’m very proud of the experiment outcome. When my readers take the time to tell me, it means so much. Thanks for your kind words.

      1. jeanie

        Hi Peggy, Sorry to go off topic but when you started talking about bread I had a question and I’ve been wondering who to ask. When the bread and baked goods call for Flax meal it makes me very nervous. Isn’t flax quite gassy and high fiber? I’ve been so quiet since going low card. 🙂 Thanks

        1. It is high fiber, and I suppose it might cause some people gas issues, though it surely does not cause ALL people issues. I have no trouble with up to 1/4 c. daily, though I’m lucky if I consume 1/4 cup a week! . I’m not so fond of flax taste, so I don’t use much in a recipe, as a rule. If I were in your shoes, I’d test the flax “waters” one toe at a time. Introduce it in very small amounts and see if it causes you to have issues again. You might be able to tolerate up to 1/4 cup a day like me; maybe only 1-2 T. per day will be your limit.

  3. Neva Saclett

    I love anything lemon. I’d be making this right now but don’t have any coconut cream. Will have to buy some soon. These will be a great change from my usual choc. fat bombs. I can always trust your recipes to be pleasers.

  4. These look great! One question however: are you sure about fat content or the calorie count? Fat contains 9 calories per gram, right? 13.7 grams of fat X 9 = 123.3 calories. This is higher than what you have for calories (122) for a serving size.

  5. Cattywhompus

    Recipe looks and sounds great. Making them this week (have to find coconut oil first). Love your recipes!!!

  6. crazywoman/Billie

    Peggy, I know this is a very weird question, since the whole point of this recipe is the lemon, but……………… I’m not a huge fan of lemon (don’t actually dislike it, but not a fan either), and don’t like zest at all. People are always using lemon or orange zest in recipes, and often it is the only citrus flavoring in the recipe. But to me it doesn’t taste like lemon or orange (in the case of orange zest), it just tastes bitter. Never have liked it. But to each his/her own, so long as i don’t have to eat it. :>)
    So,,,, my question is,,,,, Would you suggest anything else to use? Vanilla possibly. Course I don’t think I’d be adding that much vanilla to the recipe, so what would you suggest? Or do you have a suggestion?
    Hmmmmm,,,,, I’m thinking some vanilla, and using DaVinci Caramel as the liquid, and cutting back on the other sweeteners. What do you think, does that sound like it might work? If so, how much of the syrup would i need to replace the juice of 1 lemons?
    Lemon treats seem very popular anymore. But when I see lemon in the title it just usually turns me off. I just have very different tastes.

    1. Billie, I think subbing DaVinci vanilla or caramel for the lemon juice would work just fine. Just be sure to add sweetener slowly, if any is needed at all. If you do snipped raisins, I think a sub of 1-2 T. rum for the lemon juice and a few snipped raisins for a rum-raisin version would be to-die-for. But that’s just the lush in me talking (and I don’t even drink). That one would probably be good with or without the dessicated coconut. I’d like to try a cherry (almond extract) version in the future, too. And lime, my husband’s fav. 🙂

      1. crazywoman/Billie

        Thanks Peggy. I may give them a try some day. I’m thinking the caramel sounds pretty good. And I just remembered, I even have some caramel Loraine oil flavoring I could add.
        I’m not a raisin fan either. I’m not a drinker either, but rum is the ONLY alcohol I like at all! But again, not a raisin fan. And too many carbs.
        Hmmmm cherry sounds good!
        But like I do NOT like. (As I said, I don’t particularly dislike lemon, just not crazy about it like so many are. And most of the lemon desserts, etc that I read recipes for just seem to turn me off. But Lime,,,, I don’t like.
        I used to think maybe it was just artificial lime I didn’t like, (several artificial flavors I can’t stand, but like the real thing) but while down in TX last month a restaurant we wen to a few times served their tea with lime slices instead of lemon, and I realized I just don’t like lime! I like some lemon/lime drinks such as 7Up & Sprite (which I no longer drink), but not just lime. And I tried lemon/lime koolaid awhile back, and didn’t like that either. The lime taste was too prominent in it.
        Boy you now have me thinking about those cherry bombs!! Those do sound good!! Love almond, but not a huge fan of almond extract either tho. But maybe just a tad in it. ???
        I know I have really strange tastes. But they are what they are. I actually like a LOT of things now that I didn’t as a kid!!!! My tastes have changed a lot thru the years. But I think it has probably settled down, at least doubt I will start liking things now that I didn’t before. (What I’m afraid of is I’ll start disliking more things, or things again. Sure hope not!!!!)
        I WISH I liked more things, and things that others like! It would sure make life simpler!!! And more interesting, as I’d have more food choices!!


        1. crazywoman/Billie

          OH, another question I meant to ask is,,,,, Is the coconut cream you used the kind in a can?

        2. No, what I buy is in a little 8 oz. carton, either “Lets Do Organic” I can get locally, or when they have it in stock, I buy a case of those 8 oz. cartons on-line from Wilderness Family Naturals when they have it on sale. Shipping is stiff with them, however. Both types only have a thickener/emulsifier and nothing else added. Like the stuff in the can, it is prone to separate and has to be shaken well before using.

        3. crazywoman/Billie

          OK, thanks!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen any of that. I’ll check Wilderness Family and check it out. I bought coconut oil from them thru Amazon a few years ago.
          I may try it with some of the canned coconut cream I have on hand tho for now. (I’m pretty sure I have some.)
          (This reply may come out in the wrong place. There wasn’t a reply “button” on your reply. We’ll see.)
          Thanks again!

    2. I noticed that you said you don’t like zest. Are you sure that when you have had zest in things that people making it are getting pith along with the zest. Zest is purely the colored part of the skin, no white and should not be bitter. I know some people can taste things that others can’t, I’m one of those, but I wanted to be sure that what you are tasting is the zest and not more of the rind. My mother in law is one that is awful about putting zest into foods and she just cuts up the whole rind. We can’t stand it but she thinks it is wonderful. I have even tried teaching her not to do it to no avail.

      1. crazywoman/Billie

        tigersue, I have never had zest in anything that I ever liked! That’s all I can tell you. I never thought it made the food item taste like lemon or orange, just didn’t taste good to me! Like I said, I’ve seen recipes that the only citrus flavor came from the zest, and it didn’t taste like that citrus to me.
        But thanks for the suggestion!!!
        Yes, I know it isn’t supposed to have the white, but nope, it’s not just the white in it, I really just don’t like zest! May not dislike it now as much as I used to, really don’t know, but still don’t care for it.
        Weird thing is, a few years ago I discovered that i actually like the white of an orange peel (fresh orange peels)! It does not taste bitter to me, but the orange (zest) part does!!!
        As I said above, I have realllllly weird tastes!!!
        I lived in CA a few years ago in an orange grove (or next to one). I had access to as many oranges as i wanted. I made marmalade. (Had never made marmalade before, and was never fond of what I’d had.) The recipe I found used the whole (sans the seeds) orange & lemon. I really didn’t think I’d like it, and made it mostly for my hubby. But I actually did like that. Go figure!!! (I over cooked the first batch, being new to marmalade, and it was super thick, and super dark, but still pretty good.) Still have some of that marmalade tho, as it contains sugar, and Well, I don’t do sugar now!! Hubby still eats it occasionally.
        Thanks again tigersue!!

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