Mexican Squash and Tomatoes

This makes a quick and delicious side dish for any roasted, grilled or fried meat entree you like: beef, pork, chicken, even fish.  It is ready in under 10 minutes and will be a hit with your family, I’m certain. This recipe is suitable for all phases of Atkins, Keto diets Primal and Paleo as well.  Calaba or Mexican Squash tastes just like zucchini, but the flesh is slightly yellower and it has less water in it.  I actually prefer it to traditional zuccini for the latter reason, as well as the fact it is consistently cheaper than its darker green cousin.

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10 oz. Mexican Calaba squash, ¼” slice. (two medium 5-6-oz squash)

2 oz. onion, sliced thinly

3 T. olive oil (or your preferred oil)

2 Roma or 3 Campari tomatoes, coarsely chopped or sliced

1/2 tsp. dried oregano leaves (or 1 tsp. fresh)

1 clove garlic, minced

Dash pepper and salt to taste

VARIATION:   Sprinkle on a little fresh grated Parmesan when served. 

DIRECTIONS:  Heat the olive oil in a non-stick skillet or deep wok.   Add the onion and saute until it begins to go limp.  While it sautes, stem and cut the squash lengthwise in half and cut those halves lengthwise again.  Slice the quarters into ¼” slice (click photo to enlarge).  When the onion is softened, add the squash to the skillet.  Saute, stirring constantly until squash is tender but not too soft yet.  Add the tomato slices, oregano, garlic, salt and pepper and saute just until tomato softens.  Squash will likely be plenty tender and done by then.  Serve with your favorite entree.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:    Makes 4 servings, each contains:

114 calories, 10.3 g fat, 5.22 g carbs, 1.52 g fiber, 3.7 g NET CARBS, 1.27 g protein, 92 mg sodium


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