Ribeye with Parsley-Bacon Butter

A quick and delicious 4th of July meal tonight that didn’t require getting out in the 97º sun this evening to fire up a hot grill.  I hate to send the hubs outside in such heat, even if it is a holiday.  This came out real tasty and we’ll definitely make this one again.  I think I might prefer it without bacon, but he actually thought the bacon was real good on it.  I haven’t had much appetite the past few weeks, so maybe it’s just me. 😉 You can lower calories and fat by using sirloin or good quality chuck instead of ribeye (or by eating less of it 🙂 ).

This recipe is suitable for all phases of Atkins, Keto diets as well is Primal and Paleo if using clarified butter.

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VARIATION:   Omit the bacon for a simpler flavor melange.


4 slices bacon, sliced fine

2    8-9 oz. ribeye steaks

2 T. unsalted butter (to sear steaks)

2 T. more butter for sauce

½ c. chopped parsley

1 large clove garlic, minced

juice of ½ lemon (about 1-2 T.)

Dash each sea salt & coarse black pepper

DIRECTIONS:   Brown the chopped bacon, drain and set aside for now.  In the same skillet, add 2 T. butter over high heat.  Sear steaks on both sides until done to your preference.  Set steaks off on a platter for a few minutes while you make the quick sauce.  Lower heat to medium low.  Add remaining 2 T. butter to skillet and stir into remaining steak juices.  Add garlic, lemon juice, sea salt, pepper.  Simmer just until garlic is slightly cooked.  Add parsley and simmer just until parsley is barely wilting. Add cooked bacon and serve equally over the two steaks at table.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:     Makes 2 adult servings, each contains:

758 calories, 47 g fat, 3.25 g carbs, 0.65 g fiber, 2.6 g NET CARBS, 77 g protein, 864 mg sodium


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