Caribbean Shellfish on Zoodles

Click to enlarge (shown made with crawfish)

This delightful dish was a very pleasant surprise.  DELICIOUS!  And check out the amazing nutritional stats below!  Extremely healthy food, this one is!  It uses my Puerto Rican Sofrito Sauce in yet another wonderful combination of flavors and is served on a bed of zucchini noodles, known as “zoodles” in the low-carb world.  It can be served on regular pasta for your non-low-carb guests.  The dish can also be made with shrimp or lobster.   If you are not still in the Atkins Induction Phase, the addition of 1/4 c. white wine to the seafood mixture would be divine, otherwise use the stock as noted below.  As written, this recipe is suitable for Atkins Induction and most other Ketogenic  diets.  If the cheeses are omitted it would be suitable for Primal and Paleo as well.

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4 T. unsalted butter

1 oz. onion, sliced

2 oz. red bell pepper, sliced

½ c. parsley, chopped

¼ c. my Sofrito sauce:

1 T. Parmesan cheese, grated

12 oz. crawfish tails (or shrimp, or lobster chunks or any combination of seafood)

¼ c. homemade seafood stock, chicken stock or white wine (no wine if still in Atkins Induction)

1/4 tsp. salt

Dash each black pepper and cayenne pepper

1  4-oz. can of mushrooms (with their liquid)

4 T. heavy cream

Dash of your preferred thickener (if you feel it is needed, I did.)

¼ c. Monterrey Jack or other cheese (for garnish)

16 oz. zucchini, washed and julienned into long “noodle” threads

DIRECTIONS:  Melt the butter in a skillet.  Add the onion and red bell pepper and saute over high heat until the vegetables are tender.   Lower heat to medium, add the parsley, Sofrito, shellfish and stock or wine.  Add mushrooms, salt and peppers to season.  Turn heat to lowest setting, add the cream and Parmesan cheese.  Let simmer about 5 minutes, stirring several times to uniformly mix the sauce with the shellfish.  this will allow the cream to reduce and thicken the sauce just a bit.  If you want it thicker, use your favorite thickener to reach the desired thickness.  Lower heat to lowest setting while you prepare the zoodles.

Julienne the zucchini into noodle-like strips with either a hand-held julienne peeler (what I use) or if you own one, a spiral slicing machine like a Spirooli.  In a non-stick skillet over medium heat, heat 1 tsp. olive oil.  Saute and stir the zucchini noodles continuously in the heated oil just until they are softened and translucent.  Spoon 1/4 of the sauce over 1/4 of the zoodles for each serving and garnish each serving with 1 T. grated Jack cheese.  I hope you enjoy this dish as much as we did!

NUTRITIONAL INFO:  Makes 4 servings, each contains:

317 calories, 24 g  fat, 7.25 g  carbs, 2.50 g  fiber, 4.75 g  NET CARBS, 20.7 g  protein, 525 mg sodium

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