Sausage Breakfast Focaccia

It's gluten-free, too!!

To quote the bard, “a sausage biscuit by any other name……” would taste as sweet.  🙂  A tasty new way to use my wonderful gluten-free focaccia bread recipe.   You’ll be happy to know you CANNOT taste the flax meal in this bread either!

TIP:  If you are not gluten-free, I find 1 T. oat fiber improves this bread’s taste and texture greatly.  But remember, if you add it, OAT FIBER IS NOT GLUTEN FREE.

This recipe is suitable for Phase 2 Atkins, Keto diets, Primal folks if consumed only occasionally.  This bread would not be suitable for Paleo.

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½ c. almond flour

¼ c. golden flax meal

¼ c. plain whey protein powder

1 tsp. baking powder

3 T. cream cheese, softened

2 large eggs, beaten

1 c. grated Monterrey Jack cheese

½ c. grated Mozzarella cheese

1 tsp. cider vinegar

1 T. heavy cream

1 T. water

1 tsp. yeast dissolved in 1 T. warm water (optional, for flavor only)

1 T. oat fiber (optional)

TOPPING:   5 oz. browned sausage + 1 c. more shredded cheese of your choice

DIRECTIONS:  Preheat oven to 350º.  Soften cream cheese in medium mixing bowl in microwave.  Beat in the eggs, cream, water, vinegar, both cheeses and dissolved yeast (if using).  Measure and add in all the dry ingredients and stir well with a rubber spatula. Line a sheet pan with parchment paper.  You can also use a non-stick pan.  I would not recommend silicone, as this won’t brown as nicely on your Silpat.  Scrap the batter onto the prepared pan, spreading it as evenly as possible with the spatula into a rectangle that is roughly 10″x13″.  Batter will be about ¼” thick.  Sprinkle on cooked sausage and then the mozzarella shreds.  Lightly press down on the toppings so they embed slightly into the batter.  Pop pan into 350º oven and bake for about 15-20 minutes or until dry to the touch in center and lightly browned on the edges.  .  Cool a few minutes and cut evenly into 9 slices and enjoy!  When totally cool, store in plastic bag in your refrigerator.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:   Entire sheet contains:  2113 calories, 164 g fat, 30.6 g carbs, 13.8 g fiber, 16.8 g net carbs, 142 g protein, 3334 mg sodium  (divide by number of servings you cut)

If cut into 9 portions, each serving would contain:

235 calories, 18.2 g  fat, 3.4 g  carbs, 1.53 g  fiber, 1.87 g  NET CARBS, 15.73 g  protein, 370 mg sodium


6 thoughts on “Sausage Breakfast Focaccia

  1. Looks yummy, gonna make this soon. So happy to be getting your recipes again. I hardly ever see any low carbing among friends, which I always got on my news feed.

    1. Well you can sure subscribe here at the right side of the page. That way you’ll get them in your in-box as posted. Facebook isn’t sharing posts as much as they once did……grrrrr…….but don’t get me started on THAT topic. I hope you like this use of the focaccia. It was delicious! A nice variation would be Italian sausage and Italian seasonings with some mozzarella on top. Mmmm.

    1. No problem. I’ve done that a few times myself. 😉 Just so you know though, I’ve learned over my 8 years of low-carbing that when I visit Paleo and Primal Blueprint sites, more often than not, they do not provide nutritional stats (some do though). They are not that into counting, you see, as their diet focus is eating pure, whole, healthy foods (without additives or harmful ingredients) and they don’t care much about the nutrient counts. They figure if they eat healthy, the rest doesn’t really matter. I didn’t count when I followed Paleo either. 🙂

  2. Is there a reason you don’t provide nutritional information, as most other authors do? I found the sites you suggested to use very user unfriendly,

    1. jakryk, Peggy does include nutritional information at the end of her recipes. Thanks Peggy, I will definitely be making this 🙂

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