Garlic Herb Butter


I love mixing herbs and spices into butter and using them on baked, broiled or char-broiled steak, pork chops or seafood.  This is one of my favorites.  FYI for those not familiar with herb butters, also known as compound butters, they are simple mixtures of softened butter and spices, herbs, seasonings that are then used in a variety of recipes, particularly on meats and fish.  This is a GREAT way to re-invent leftover steak. by the way.  It helps disguise that “leftover” taste that beef, in particular, gets when reheated.  This particular herb butter is also good for making garlic bread on your favorite low-carb bread or roll recipe.  When it comes to herb butters, the sky is the limit as to the different combinations of herbs you can create.  As you’ve probably guessed by other recipes here, I love fresh rosemary, garlic and onion powder and that combo makes a wonderful herb butter for pork done on the grill.  Another combination I’m quite fond of is fresh mint and cilantro.  Be creative and experiment!  This flavorful mixture is Atkins Induction friendly.


½ stick salted butter (4 T.)

1/4 c. parsley, chopped fine

1 small clove garlic, minced

¼ tsp. coarse, cracked black pepper

2 T. chives or green onion, chopped very fine

OPTIONAL:  Dash dried tarragon (or a bit of fresh, chopped fine)

DIRECTIONS:  On a paper plate or saucer, soften the butter at room temperature.  Blend/mash all listed ingredients into it with a fork until smooth and uniform.   There are three approaches to serving.  You can (1) serve the herb butter in a saucer at table (reserving 2 tsp.).   You can (2) reserve 2 tsp. and with a small rubber spatula, spoon the rest into the slots of a silicone candy/butter mold, pressing down well (freeze for 20 minutes and pop out the individual servings).  You can also (3) form the butter into a butter-shaped stick or log in plastic wrap, chill and slice off servings at the table.  Your call.

Place 1 tsp. of the reserved butter on top of meat or fish before cooking.  Place your meat or fish in your hot oven, broiler or on charcoal grill and cook to desired stage.  Turn meat halfway through cooking and place remaining tsp. of reserved herb butter on top. Spread with a brush to distribute over the meat/fish.  When your meat is fully cooked to the desired stage, removing to a serving platter and serve at once with the herb butter to garnish.  Let beef set for 10 minutes before slicing to preserve juices inside.  Let your guests serve more herb butter atop their serving at table.  It melts as you eat.  YUM! 🙂

The slots of my candy mold that makes the shape pictured above hold exactly 2T. contents.  This is why I show serving size as 2 T.  But your molds may only hold 1 T. and you can then cut these numbers in half!

NUTRITIONAL INFO:  Allow 2 T. per serving, so this makes 4 servings.  Each serving has:

105 cals, 11.5g  fat, 0.67g carbs, 0.20g fiber, 0.47g NET CARBS, 0.32g protein, 84 mg. sodium


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