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Ribeye Steak in Tequila Cream

Posted on: March 2, 2019

Taken stove-top, which has yellowish lighting

Taken stove-top, under yellow spectrum light.

I’ve never cooked with tequila before, but I like margaritas, so I thought it was high time I give it a whirl.  This rib steak, which I was originally just going to butter sear tonight, transformed in my skillet into a delicious, saucy dinner my husband and I just loved!  I served this with steamed cauliflower and fresh green beans.  Omit the tequila if still in the initial Inducation phase of Atkins.  Suitable for all other phases of Atkins and Keto diets.

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Taken in normal lighting

In normal lighting (truer sauce color)   🙂


16 oz. rib-eye steak, cut into three portions (or other tender cut of beef)

1 clove garlic

3 T. unsalted butter

2 T. canned green chiles, undrained

1 c. rich beef broth

1/3 c. heavy cream

Dash each salt and coarse black pepper

1 oz. tequila (I used Hornitos)

¼ c. chopped cilantro

DIRECTIONS:   Mince garlic and rub both sides of the meat with it.  Melt the butter in a large, non-stick skillet.  Sear the steaks on both sides until done to your liking.  Add all remaining ingredients except cilantro.  Remember to omit the tequila if still in Induction.  Reduce to low heat and simmer about 5-7 minutes for flavors to blend. Add cilantro and simmer 1 minute longer.  Remove meat to temporary plate.  Pour sauce into a serving platter.  Place meat on top and serve at once.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:   Makes 3 servings, each contains:

443 cals., 34g fat, 1.13g carbs, 0.4g fiber, 1.9g NET CARBS, 48.1g protein, 443 mg sodium


4 Responses to "Ribeye Steak in Tequila Cream"

Do you think coconut milk or cream would substitute well for the heavy cream?

Yes, I think it just might. But not having tasted it myself, not really positive about that. I have often subbed in coconut milk for cream, but the magic isn’t always there. 🙂

This ribeye steak recipe sounds delicious! I just discovered your website, thank you for sharing your recipes!

It is pretty tasty, Ashley. Welcome to the site! Hope you’ll stick around from time to time and browse. I think you’ll find I have created lots of favorite comfort foods to meld with a low-carb/Keto lifestyle.

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