Meatloaf Sliders

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Who doesn’t love a good meatloaf sandwich?  It’s my husband’s absolute favorite sandwich after grilled burgers.  Since I had a pretty large hunk of meatloaf leftover this week, I thought I’d try this!  They came out GREAT!  These tasty sliders make a wonderful snack, lunch, picnic option, school lunch or tail-gate treat during football season!  I used my new Slider Bun recipe and leftover Italian Meatloaf.  Although any meatloaf can be used, nutritional numbers were calculated using the recipe linked below.  These nutritious meatloaf sliders (check out the stats below) are suitable once you reach Atkins Phase 2 OWL grains rung of the carb ladder or Keto diets, but are not suitable for Primal-Paleo.

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1 recipe my Gluten-Free Slider Buns

12 oz. leftover Meatloaf, cut into 1½ oz slices

DIRECTIONS:  Make the slider buns according to that recipes’ instructions.  Slightly cool the buns.  Cut leftover meatloaf into 1½ oz. slices. That was about ½” thick and 2″x2″.  I just cut my meatloaf square.  Place 1½ oz. meatloaf between 2 pieces of bun and serve with favorite condiments nearby for self serving if desired.

NUTRITION INFO:  Makes 8 sliders, each contains:

325 calories

24.2 g  fat

8.25 g  carbs, 5.48 g  fiber, 2.77 g  NET CARBS

23.1 g  protein

491 mg sodium

262 mg potassium

19% RDA Vitamin B6, 128% B12, 22% copper, 48% iron, 11% magnesium, 27.4% niacin, 36% phosphorous, 21% riboflavin, 31% selenium, and 68% zinc


6 thoughts on “Meatloaf Sliders

    1. Health food stores, Natural Grocers,,, GNC stores, and lots of places on-line. Google search for the best deals on-line. I don’t buy it in small quantities, so I’m a poor person to recommend sources. 🙂 I buy the 10# mega bag of NOW brand wherever I can get the best deal on it and store the surplus in my freezer. The places I mentioned do carry it in 1# and 2# tubs.

  1. I made both the meatloaf and the buns and they were really delicious! Thank you for the inspiration and the recipes. Kitty

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