Sweet Steamed Cabbage

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If you’ve never cooked cabbage in a microwave before, and you’re not particularly fond of cabbage to begin with, you’re in for a real treat!  This method of cooking is my attempt to replicate a cabbage dish a little Chinese restaurant in Texas City used to serve.  It was slightly sweet and cooked just until wilted with a heavy dose of butter.  I’ve gotten pretty close to their flavor now with this dish.  I think you will REALLY like this method of cooking cabbage.  An added plus is not only is it milder tasting than stir-fried or boiled cabbage, but it does not smell up the house cooking it either!  🙂  This recipe is suitable for all phases of Atkins, Keto diets, Primal and Paleo.

VARIATION:  Add crumble, cooked, crisp bacon on top when serving

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3 c. green cabbage, cut into 2″ pieces (leaves separated)

½ c. water

2 T. butter

2-3 drops liquid Stevia, liquid Splenda or sweetener of choice

Optional:  salt & pepper to taste

DIRECTIONS:  Cut cabbage into 2″ chunks and separate the leaves.  Place in glass dish.  Add water, butter and Splenda.  Microwave 4-5 minutes only on HI, stirring once during cooking at 2 minutes.  Test for doneness as microwaves vary.  You want the cabbage just wilted and tender but not very soft really.  If properly done, this dish has none of the strong cabbage flavor or smell cooked cabbage usually has.  It’s one of the few cooked cabbage dishes my husband will eat.  Serve at once.  As I like the sweetness of this particular cabbage dish, I don’t usually add salt or pepper, but each to his own.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:  Makes 3 servings, each contains:

90 calories, 7.7 g.  fat, 5.12 g  carbs, 2.23 g  fiber, 2.94 g  NET CARBS, 1.2 g  protein, 19 mg sodium


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