Bacon-Onion-Smoked Gouda Chipotle Burger

bacon-onion-gouda-chipotle-burgerMan, this may just be the best burger I’ve ever eaten!  The hubs grilled the meat patties and I came up with the rest of the magic.  Mmmm……Mmmm……Mmmmm……is all I can say!

I want to take this opportunity to mention the wonderful little commercially-made low-carb hamburger buns called SMART BUNS by SmartBaking Company in my photo.  A friend over at Low Carb Friends Forums (Ouizoid is her member name) mentioned them not too long ago and I decided to order some at  They are just marvelous in neutral flavor and texture!  You’ll swear you’re eating a regular high-carb bun!  And there is a bit of deductible sugar alcohol in them that, along with a hefty measure of fiber, makes them zero carb.  Only 4 net carbs even if you don’t deduct the sugar alcohol!  The bag says gluten-free, but most will tell you Oat fiber isn’t 100% gluten-free, so Celiacs will not be able to enjoy these most likely.  I have no such issues, so I will be ordering these regularly to be used exclusively for burgers, as they are a little pricey to use for everything bread-related.  I will continue to bake my own low-carb breads for other uses.   Charcoaled burgers are pretty darn special at our house and worthy of the extra expense, not to mention the time savings. 🙂

These burgers, due to grain product in the buns, are not suitable until you are past Atkins Induction Phase.  They are suitable for Keto diets, but unsuitable for Primal-Paleo.  But you folks can certainly use a plan-suitable bun and enjoy this delicious recipe.

Many delicious low-carb recipes like this can be at your fingertips with your very own cookbooks from LOW CARBING AMONG FRIENDS, by Jennifer Eloff and low-carb friends (me included).  Chef George Stella also brings you a wealth of delicious recipes you will love!  Order yours TODAY! from Amazon  or our direct order site:


1 lb. ground beef

4 slices bacon, cut into large pieces

2 oz. onion, slivered in thin wedges

2 oz. shredded Smoked Gouda cheese (or cheese of choice)

4 T. my Chipotle Mayonnaise  (I added more at the table to mine)

4 Smart Buns (or low-carb buns of your choice)

DIRECTIONS:  Form four patties with your hamburger meat and grill as usual to desired doneness.  While those are being cooked, brown the bacon and onion until the onion is beginning to brown and caramelize.  With your spatula, divide the mixture into 4 equal groups in the skillet.  Place 1/4 of the cheese atop each group.  This will “bind” it together as the cheese melts so it will stay put on your burger while you eat it.  Place lid on skillet and turn off heat.  In a minute or so the cheese will be melted.  Place a patty on each bun bottom.  With your spatula, carefully dip up each portion of the bacon-onion topping onto each burger patty.  Squirt (from a mustard squirt bottle if you have one) or dip your mayo equally onto the four burgers and top with bun top.  Finally, CHOW DOWN on these tasty wonders!

NUTRITIONAL INFO:   Makes 4 burgers.  Each contains:

469 calories, 36.6 g fat, 17.5 g carbs, 12.2 g fiber, 5.3 g NET CARBS, 35.3 g protein, 562 mg sodium

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