Middle Eastern Chicken Wraps

I have always loved Middle Eastern food, probably because when I was 10-12 years old, my father was stationed in Teheran, Iran.  I just love Greek tabouleh and hummus and prepare these simple dishes often.  Last week we had some leftover grilled chicken and I decided to make a delicious wrap for our lunch.  We were eating these in under 30 minutes!  Due to the Joseph’s Lavash Wraps having four product, this recipe is not suitable for Atkins Induction.

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1  sheet Joseph’s Flax Oat Bran Lavash Bread

1/2 c. chunks or grilled chicken

8 black olives

4 T. hummus (commercial or my homemade for lowest carbs)

1/2 c. tabouleh salad

Dash salt

DIRECTIONS:   Cut lavash sheet in half and plate.  Spoon 2 T. hummus down the center.  Next spoon on about 3-4 T. tabouleh salad.  Place 1/2 c. chicken meat on top of the hummus.  Top with 4 sliced olives.  Roll tightly and serve.  I like to serve with ice cold tea.

VARIATION:    Make with grilled beef strips or ground beef logs seasoned with a Shawarma spice mix.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:   Makes 2 sandwiches, each contains.

161 calories, 8.4 g fat, 8.2 g carbs, 2.8 g fiber, 5.4 NET CARBS, 13.7 g protein, 373 mg sodium


4 thoughts on “Middle Eastern Chicken Wraps

  1. Craig Noell

    Peggy- Is there a way we correspond by email/telephone? I am in the process of starting an “ecumenical” food company making life easier for busy folks to lead a low carb life. In your honor, I’d like to name our Italian line after your dog (assuming you are approving) when we get to that point. Without engaging in too much flattery, I will tell you that I frequently have used your recipes in my house and as we look to ideas for recipes to be commercialized I find myself again looking to your site for inspiration on all manner of things.

    I’d love it if we could talk.

    PS My mom was a teacher too. Jr High science when she was young and 5th grade for almost 30 years after her youngest start kindergarten.

    Craig Noell

    1. Craig, I’m so glad you enjoy my recipes. That’s what I created this blog for. But I really would prefer you not use my dog’s nickname the hubs created and that my recipes not be commercialized in any way or be associated with any site but Low Carbing Among Friends, for whom I post “gratis” for my good friend Jen Eloff. Part of my arrangement with Jen and her publisher is that they have exclusive rights to my recipes until I chose to sever my relationship with them. I said to myself and my husband 9 years ago I would have no part of site advertising, commercializing of my recipes in any way. For this reason I have on several occasions refused to affiliate with several of the top low-carb on-line on-line vendors. I really just want my blog medium to be an open window into my kitchen and for the blog to not have any association with any products/sites other than Low Carbing Among Friends. I thank you for your interest and hope that you will continue to follow my cooking experiences, successes and fails with me.

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