Chicken-Kale Salad

We baked chicken this week and earlier in the month as well, therefore I had quite a bit of leftover chicken meat in the freezer.  I decided to make an interesting salad with it for lunch today.  I’ve discovered I quite like raw kale in salads.  It’s not bitter or strong when used raw and in moderation.  But if you’re totally hung-up on not eating kale, you can certainly substitute fresh baby spinach leaves in this salad.  I would leave the baby spinach leaves whole and pinch off the stems.  This salad was surprisingly delicious and very filling.  If you are farther along in your weight-loss journey, you can add more chopped prune if you like a fruitier chicken salad.  I think it would be good with more prune, to be honest.  I always put some onion in the processor when making my homemade mayo, but if you do not, you might want to add a bit of slivered red onion to this salad.  This salad is not suitable until you are in phase 2 of Atkins.


1 large (or 2 small) leaves curly-leaf kale (about 1 c. chopped)

4 c. cooked chicken meat, cut in ½” dice

¼ c. homemade Shawarma Mayonnaise

2 dried prunes, chopped (Del Monte=no added sugar), chopped

OPTIONAL:  8 black olives, chopped, 8 walnut halves broken up, some red onion

VARIATION:  Instead of 2 prunes, sub in ½ c. diced apple (careful, as it’s very carb-y!).  Instead of kale, you could use fresh spinach leaves.

DIRECTIONS:  Stem and coarsely chop kale and place in medium bowl.  If you prefer to use baby spinach, stem and leave leaves whole.  Add 4 c. chopped chicken meat to the bowl.  Next add the homemade Shawarma mayo.  Chop prunes small and add to the bowl.  I actually did add the optional black olives to this at my husband’s urging, but thought they added nothing and may just leave them out next time.  I’m not fond of them thrown into as many dishes as he is.  😉  Add walnuts if using.  Using a large spoon, toss all ingredients to coat well with mayo dressing.  Spoon into a serving dish and serve at once.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:  Makes 4 servings, each contains:

447 cals., 33g fat, 4.8g carbs, 0.92g fiber, 3.88g NET CARBS, 37.6g protein, 624 mg sodium


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