Pastry Bites

This little experiment with my Mozzy Dough came out quite nicely.  Only thing I will change next time:  melt the cream cheese and cook chopped mushroom right with your cooking pork sausage crumbles for the ones on photo right.  Hindsight is always 20:20.

These tasty treats are not suitable until you are at Pre-Maintenance or Maintenance in the Atkins program due to the flour product in the dry mix.  You could use a phase acceptable dough/bread made with flax meal on the bottom and perhaps still enjoy these on Induction but they will definitely be different doing so. All of these varieties were quite delicious but our favs were the ones with breakfast sausage, mushroom and cream cheese.  We rated second the jalapeno cheddar version, second from left in the photo.  These would be great for dinner party appetizers or for football gatherings!

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1 recipe my Mozzy Dough

Toppings of your choosing

TOPPINGS:  Since I can’t know which variety of Pastry Bites you will choose to make and can’t know exactly how much of the various/possible topping ingredients you might use, I will provide nutritional numbers for the basic dough per piece and a few common toppings I think you might like to try.

DIRECTIONS:  Preheat oven to 350º.  Have a 24-slot non-stick mini muffin pan at the ready.  Make up the Mozzy Dough recipe (linked above) per that recipe’s instructions.  Once the dough is in a smooth workable ball, pull off small balls (about 1″ round), roll then slightly and drop into the mini muffin pan slots.  I had exactly enough dough to get all 24 filled with a 1″ ball of dough.  Press down with your index finger to make a tiny depression in each ball of dough.  Press a slice of pre-cooked smoked sausage in each, or press a slice of pepperoni topped with a sprinkle of mozzarella cheese, or add some pre-browned breakfast sausage with a little chopped mushroom and a bit of cream cheese (mixed together). Or place 1 tsp.l cheddar cheese, followed by a slice of jalapeno and topped with yet another tsp. of cheddar.  Pop pan into 350º oven for 15 minutes (do not over brown).  Remove and with a knife tip to facilitate, remove them to a serving platter.  We found these to be just as tasty as they cooled off as when still hot……especially the jalapeno/cheddar version.

NUTRITIONAL INFO FOR PASTRY BOTTOM ONLY: Makes 24 mini pastry shells, each will contain: 62 cals, 5g fat, 2.47g carbs,1.57g fiber, 0.9g NET CARBS, 4.4g protein, 93.8g sodium


1 slice pepperoni adds about       0.1g NC

1 slice raw jalapeno adds about   0.2g NC

1 chopped slice mushroom adds  0.1g NC

1 tsp. cheddar adds about             0.3g NC

1 tsp. cooked breakfast sausage    0.1g NC

1 slice smoked pork sausage          0.1g NC



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