“Shypoke” Egg

My inspiration for this low-carb wonder is a famous recipe served at two San Antonio diners (no longer in existence) known as Hipps Bubble Room, and its successor, Little Hipps.  Our best friends used to take us to these places late night for beer and their famous “Shy-Poke Eggs”.   A little history on the restaurant legacy here:  http://cooking.lovetoknow.com/shypoke-eggs-recipe

Now you have to SEE this culinary creation to appreciate the name, but they were nachos with a smear of beans on the round tortilla chip, then a slice of Jack cheese, then a slice of jalapeno and finally a small circle of yellow cheese on the top.  They were warmed just long enough for the cheeses to begin to melt, but before the cheese got runny and spread out all over the pan.  The overall visual impact when a plate of these was set before you was that they looked remarkably like a dozen fried eggs!!  Hence their name.

Well, I was thinking about Shy-Poke Eggs on my morning walk today and got the idea to make something like them that is low-carb (without tortilla chip) for breakfast.  The final creation came out tasty!!   Although they didn’t have quite the visual impact of the originals and substituting sausage at the bottom for the traditional tortilla chip, well the taste was different, but still good.  🙂

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3 oz. ground pork, seasoned (or commercial pork sausage)

1 slice Jack or Pepper Jack cheese

¼ slice Cheddar or Deluxe American Cheese

1-2 T. canned refried beans (omit if still in Induction)

1 egg

1 slice jalapeno (optional)

Sprinkle chopped cilantro (optional)

VARIATION:  Top with 3 slices of fresh jalapeno

DIRECTIONS: Preheat oven to 350º.  On a good non-stick sheet pan or skillet, using the back of a fork, spread sausage out in a 5″ circle (will be thin).  Using the fork, make a 1½” hole in the middle by pushing the sausage outward a bit.  The final result is something like the shape of a doughnut.  Using the back of a spoon, smear the refried beans on top of the sausage, but leave the center hole empty.  Now, gently crack the egg into the center hole, trying not to break the yolk.  Top with the whole slice of Jack cheese.  If you want it, place a slice of jalapeno atop the yolk.  Finally place the small square of yellow cheese on top.   If using, sprinkle with cilantro last.

Pop into 350º oven for about 15-20 minutes, depending on how done you want the yolks.  My husband likes them runny, which took 15 minutes; I like them 90% set, which took 20 minutes.

NUTRITIONAL INFO: Makes 1 serving which contains:

446 calories, 37.4 g  fat, 5.4 g  carbs, 1.4 g  fiber, 4 g  NET CARBS, 30 g  protein, 189 mg sodium


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