Jicama “Fries”

Jicama Fries
Jicama Fries

Man, I tried these on a whim and they were FANTASTIC!  And best of all, you don’t have to stand over a skillet of hot grease!  The Seafood Spice blend in the coating took away the sweet edge jicama has, without dominating the final fries.  So don’t side-step this part of the recipe.  It’s essential for the best results.  Other spices and blends could be substituted in if you prefer.  The coating really browned nicely and stayed crispy even as the fries cooled off!  Even my picky hubby gave these a thumbs up, and at first, he wasn’t even going to taste them!  These are Induction friendly, too!

Some may be tempted to just use spicy/BBQ pork rinds and omitting the seasoning blend in the recipe.  Please bear in mind the flavored pork rinds are laden with sugar and sometimes modified food starch as well……not acceptable ingredients for us low-carbers.  Be sure you read the ingredients listed if you don’t believe me.  In fact, you should ALWAYS read ingredients listings, for ALL processed foods.  The net carb count just isn’t the whole picture!

VARIATION:   Substitute turnip for the fries and brown a bit more than shown for crisper turnip fries.

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8 oz. jicama, peeled and cut into fries

What a Jicama looks like
What a Jicama looks like

2 T. homemade mayo

2 oz. plain pork rinds, crushed

1/2 tsp. my Seafood Spice Blend

Oil to coat baking pan if not using non-stick sheet pan


Preheat oven to 450º.  Cut jicama and place in bowl.  Brush well with mayonnaise, making certain you haven’t missed any spots. You want total coverage for the pork rinds to adhere to.  Crush the pork rinds in processor/blender.  Add spice blend to crushed pork rinds in a small bowl.  Now drop mayo-coated jicama (a few at a time) into the seasoned rinds and shake to coat well.   Place directly on oiled or non-stick baking sheet.  Bake for 20 minutes until tops are nicely browned.  I like to turn them mid-baking for more even baking, but that is not necessary.  Bottoms will be even browner than the tops!  A word of experience, DO NOT BAKE THESE ON SILICONE SHEETS, as they will not brown and crisp up properly on the bottom.  I found this out the hard way.

NUTRITIONAL INFO: Makes 4 servings each contains:

165 Calories

11.4 g  fat

5.50 g  carbs, 2.78 g  fiber, 2.22 NET CARBS

11.2 g  protein

276 g  sodium

22 thoughts on “Jicama “Fries”

  1. dosbron

    Just came across this recipe and I can’t wait to try it! I plan on following it just as written but could you elaborate on what you said about the seasoned pork rinds? So even if they have no carbs, low carbers should avoid them?

    1. Only sub I can think of would be beaten egg with a couple drops of vinegar added. You didn’t specify WHAT in the mayo you’re allergic to, but I assume it’s eggs, so that sub wouldn’t work. You could try flax meal beaten into water, allowed to sit a couple minutes and see if that will work. I can’t really think of any other subs for mayo other than straight oil. And frankly, anything you sub in will render a totally different result, as the shawarma mayo has its own distinctive, tangy flavor, from the bit of vinegar in it, from the spices in it. At the very least, DO NOT omit the spice blend or you just won’t be getting the same fries we so enjoyed. Subbing just isn’t possible in some recipes. This is probably one of them.

    2. Dawn

      Just use a heavy cream seasoned up a bit before breading. Sprouts has a vegan liquid egg substitute (forgot the brand name) in a bottle right by the regular eggs too. If you need low carb, I would check the carb content in it as I am not sure how many carbs in that or stick to a heavy vegan soy, almond or whole milk depending on dairy requirements. Also, vegan mayo has no eggs in it. Maybe just use the Follow Your Heart Veganaise. Its at Whole Foods, Sprouts, Natural Grocers or on Amazon.

    1. Aren’t those good, Kristi? One of my better LC creations, I think. Even my husband had to admit he liked them. I got the idea from a little Cajun restaurant we drove by all the time on our way to New Orleans from Galveston called Al-T’s. He had the most incredibly good chicken fried steaks and Cajun fries that were dredged in a very spicy flour before deep frying. Next time I do them, I’m going to try the coating on rutabaga, which I think is closer to potatoes than jicama in both flavor and texture. Though I’ve made the, I’m not so fond of turnip fries. That turnip bite always manages to give itself away for me. 🙂 I’m so glad your family likes these!

      1. Yes, me & turnips aren’t the best of friends either. Although, my husband adored your “baked turnips” similar to a baked potato! These just totally hit the spot. My 7 year old keeps asking when I’m going to “fix more ‘diet’ food”?! Thanks for all the great recipes, Peggy. You’re a lifesaver.

        1. Well that’s just great your 7 y.o. is liking low-carb foods!! And hubby too? I think it’s so wonderful when we can teach children (and hubbies) that food that is good for them and healthy can taste just as good as the junk food. You’re insuring that your family will have a long, healthy life eating this way. My hat’s off to you, Kristi! Wish I could get my hubby on board with low-carb 100%. He eats what I cook low-carb at meals, but adds bread and chips whenever he likes. But he’s eating less and less of them, I have to admit, so that’s something. He has lost 22 lbs. in the last year despite the bread and chips eating, so I’m glad for that, at least. I love to remind him how much he would have lost (above the 22#) if he’d been doing it 100% with me. Probably 50-60 or more. He always loses 3# to my 1#.

    1. Being in Texas (and this is a Mexican native plant), we have it in most of our stores. It’s not so available in northern groceries, but some say they can find it up north. I’ve even made “potato” chips and Nacho “corn chips” with this stuff!! And they’re GOOD, too!! Recipe’s on the site. I think you’ll like experimenting with it.

  2. Rebecca

    OMG. I just made these and I am doing everything in my power not to eat the entire batch and save some for my hubby!!!!

    I had half a jicama leftover and googled “jicama fries”. This was the recipe that I got and am I ever glad! I didn’t follow the recipe exactly because we don’t use the weight amount of oz in Canada and it really means nothing to me hahaha. However the recipe is simple enough and by looking at your picture I could see I needed mayo to coat and then crushed pork rinds to coat.

    I used store bought mayo (Helmann’s Olive Oil Mayo) and it worked just fine. I siwtched the seasoning to a garlic type seasoning salt that I had on hand. I used a non stick baking pan and gave it a very light spritz of Pam for good measure. The fries came out looking almost exactly as yours and are such a yummy savory treat! They satisfy a certain crunch texture that I often find I am looking for while low carbing.

    Anyhow – thanks so much, will definitely make again!

    1. Welcome to the site, Rebecca! I’m so glad your first trial on these came out to your liking! I hope your hubby got a few, at least. Ha,ha. Aren’t they good? Many have tried them and didn’t care for the slight sweetness jicama naturally has. But I find the seasoning overrides that quite nicely. I haven’t made a batch in awhile, but plan to with my next burgers or oven-fried fish! I know they sure satisfy my desire for crunchy fries with certain foods. 🙂 Wait’ll you try the jicama “Potato Chips” I just came up with this week. They’re quite good, too!

  3. CorrineH

    Tried this again with the mayo but I think I’m still doing something wrong. I coated the fries in the mayo and then sprinkled the pork rinds on and it still seems to be falling off. Do you pat them down and really press the pork rinds into the fries?

    1. buttoni

      Nope, as I recall, I put the crushed, seasoned rinds in a small plastic bowl and just dropped the mayo-coated jicama into the bowl (a few at a time) and shook it around to coat them.

      Remember, homemade mayo is not as thick as commercial. So if you’re using commercial, you may not be getting as good a coverage on all surface area because it is thicker. The homemade mayo, being thinner, just seems to spread and coat them well. Increase the amount of mayo a bit and see if you get better coverage that way. It’s the mayo that “grabs” the rinds.

  4. CorrineH

    I’m going to try the mayo on the fries the next time I make them. I’ve got some in the oven right now that I dipped in egg first but the pork rinds didn’t seem to want to stick to the fries! And they got a leetle soggy. Great idea to use the mayo!

    1. buttoni

      I think you’ll like the mayo result. I’ve never had real good luck using egg in coatings/frying, not even on a traditional flour/egg chicken fried steak! I always use my homemade mayo now. 🙂

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