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Dad’s Poultry Seasoning

Posted on: November 20, 2010

Dad’s Poultry Seasoning

My Dad, the REAL cook in the family, made a lot of his own spice blends.  This was one he nailed!  Thought I’d share his special blend here.  It’s a little more intense but I think much better tasting than commercial poultry seasoning, with the garlic powder and cayenne in it.  But it’s definitely not real “hot” from the cayenne.  I increased the thyme slightly in this recipe as I like a lot in my stuffing.   In a 9×13 pan of dressing, I tend to use 1T.+2 tsp. of this mixture. This recipe usually lasts me about a year, as I use it fairly frequently.  It’s great in stuffing, on roast pork, pork chops and baked chicken.

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1½ T. dried sage

1½ T. onion powder

1½ T.  black pepper

1½ T. celery seed (not celery SALT)

1 T. + 2 tsp. dried thyme

1½ T. dried marjoram

2¼ tsp. dried rosemary

½ tsp. garlic powder

½ tsp. cayenne pepper

DIRECTIONS: Mix all ingredients in a small bowl and spoon into dark, tinted storage jar with a tight lid.  Or store in a dark cabinet.  Spices store best away from light exposure.

NUTRITIONAL INFO: Makes about 11 tablespoons (33 teaspoons).  Each tsp. contains:

4.79 calories

.12 g  fat

0.95 g  carbs, 0.31 g fiber, 0.6r g  NET CARBS

.18 g  protein

1 mg. sodium

6 Responses to "Dad’s Poultry Seasoning"

I liberally dusted a roaster with this after slathering butter all over it. I had to fight the rest of the family for the skin. Then the carcass went into a crock pot with stock veg and more of this. Good thing, too, because we were all sick the next week, and the soup pulled us through. It even dresses up your oven-fried chicken (I dust the chicken with this after rubbing the mayo on & before the ground pork rind coating). This is a wonderful blend and I silently toast your dad every time I use it.

I’m so glad you like this. That bit of garlic and cayenne is what makes this blend so special. I toast Dad, too, each time I use one of his spice blends, or make one of his favorite recipes. He so loved to cook. His food was always easy and tasty. I wish I had HALF his cooking talent. I miss him very much.

This is fantastic!! I made the pot pie recipe from Carbquik halfed the Carbquik crust added this seasoning to the chicken califlower/broccoli/geen bean filling and I swear I could sell this pot pie in a resteraunt… This seasoning took it to another level of yummyness!! Thanks so much Peggy for such great recipes!!

I’m glad you enjoyed this spice and the pot pie, Jen. I haven’t made the pot pie in a long time. Trying to avoid baked goods for awhile as much as possible. Just puddings and no-bake cheesecakes for awhile for me. Maybe by winter I’ll be at goal and can enjoy my fav winter comfort food…….chicken pot pie.

Peggy, I put this seasoning together and used it today in my turkey meatloaf recipe. Except for an addition of ground pork and zucchini, all other ingredients remained the same. I am convinced that your Dad’s p.seasoning, took it to a new dimension! Thank you so much for sharing and coming up with these new recipes.

I’m so glad you enjoyed this one, Bitsy. Dad would be so proud to know that others enjoy his blend.

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