Sausage Cabbage Stir-Fry

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Sausage Cabbage Stir Fry

This was a 10-minute quickie lunch that was DELICIOUS!  Colorful, too!  Nothing to it, really, but how can you go wrong with stir-fried cabbage and a little meat of choice?  This is suitable for all phases of Atkins, Keto and Primal-Paleo diners as well. Ground beef or ground lamb could be used instead of ground sausage meat.  If using beef or lamb, you might want to add some sort of spice or seasoning like Garam Masala or Baharat Spice blend.

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3 oz. pork sausage

1 oz. yellow onion, sliced

1 cup green cabbage, coarsely sliced

2 oz. red bell pepper

Dash salt and black pepper

Add up to 1 T. bacon grease if your sausage is too lean to stir-fry successfully

DIRECTIONS:  Crumble and brown the sausage in a skillet.  Add the sliced onion and allow to soften.  Add bacon grease only if your sausage is particularly lean.  Add bell pepper, salt and pepper.  Saute a couple minutes longer.   Finally add cabbage and saute/stir until cabbage is beginning to soften.    Season to taste with salt and pepper and serve it up!

NUTRITIONAL INFO:  Makes 1 serving (or 2 smaller servings).  Entire batch contains (calculated using 1 T. bacon grease):

289 calories

24.2 g  fat

9.7 g  carbs, 3.2 g  fiber, 6.5 g  NET CARBS

9.3 g  protein

388 mg potassium

483 mg sodium

14% RDA Vitamin A, 28% B6, 19% B12, 133% C, 9% E, 8% copper, 11% manganese, 23% niacin, 15% phosphorous, 14% riboflavin, 18% thiamin and 14% zinc

15 thoughts on “Sausage Cabbage Stir-Fry

  1. Peggy Cobb

    I thought I was ordering the volumes of these cookbooks but I ended up ordering a large cookbook called taking out the carbage. Which had a download PDF file before you get the cookbook. I scrolled through and was very discouraged it was mostly information with very few recipes and none of the ones I enjoyed through this blog. Do you know anything about that one because I wasted my money. I was trying to find the recipe for the cheeseburger or hamburger pie that you had posted and I tried and it was really good. I want to make sure I order the correct ones. Can you advise? Thanks

    1. Gee, I’m so sorry about your ordering mishap, Peggy. Taking out the Carbage is DJfoodie’s new cookbook. Our 5 volumes are called Low Carbing Among Friends, vols. 1-5. If you’ll contact DJfoodie direct on his website, or via FB message, he will probably let you return it for a refund or work something out with you, since you already had it via PDF and didn’t intend to order the same book again. Then you can place an new order for our volumes at . BTW, they are on sale right now for $4.99 (until they run out of this printing), so it’s a great time to order again. I think the Cheeseburger and Hamburger Pie recipes are either Stacey Crawford’s ( or Lisa Marshall’s at 24/ I don’t have those recipes. I’d go to their blogs and enter the title in the search box to reprint copies.

  2. Vicki

    My mom used to make something similar and add a pinch of poppy seeds. I don’t know why, but it was good. I’m making some this week for sure!

  3. aradyss

    I made this for dinner tonight – a triple recipe to feed my hubby also, and with the plan to have 1 serving of leftovers. I do admit I added a healthy dose of garlic. I love garlic! The dish was very tasty. Since it didn’t look like there was quite a full serving left for me for tomorrow I put the leftovers in a cup of chicken broth and will have it as soup tomorrow. I don’t know why, but the flavors reminded me of a Zuppa Toscana soup hence adding the broth, even though the broth is quite different for that soup… Oh well, we’ll see how it goes. But a definite thumbs up recipe!

    1. Glad you liked this Aradyss. Sorry there wasn’t enough left for a full lunch, but your idea of turning what was left into a soup is a fantastic idea! I love when I can “morph” my leftovers into something totally different. All these ingredients would be GREAT in soup. 🙂

    1. Hi, Neva! I suspect it would! I often warm leftovers up for breakfast when hubby isn’t home. He’s not much of a leftover person, so I get rid of them most times.

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