Bacon Smothered Burger


This delightfully easy dish makes a great lunch, dinner, or even breakfast.  It’s quick to make and very nutritious.  Note the nutritional stats below!  Of course, it goes without saying this it Induction friendly.  This is Paleo suitable if you use the coconut milk rather than the cream and it is suitable for all phases of Atkins.   This is just as good, perhaps even better, served over a ground pork patty sprinkled with a pinch of thyme (had it that way today!!) or a couple regular pork sausage patties.   🙂

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6 oz. raw ground beef (cooks out to about 4-4¼ oz)

3 slices bacon, chopped fine

1 green onion

¼ c. heavy cream (coconut milk for Paleo)

½ c. water

Pinch salt (omit if you are sodium sensitive)

Cracked fresh pepper to taste

DIRECTIONS:  Form a meat patty with meat and brown it in a non-stick skillet until done.  Drain and set on a serving plate.  Cook bacon in same skillet, drain on paper towel.  Chop green onion and add to pan.  Lower heat to lowest setting and  add water and cream.  Stir until onion is soft.  Thicken with your favorite thickener if not naturally thick enough for you after it reduces a minute or two.  Add bacon, salt, pepper and dip over meat and serve.  Goes nice with a green salad at lunch or some scrambled eggs if serving at breakfast.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:   Makes 1 serving which contains:

633 calories

50.5 g  fat

3.8 g  carbs, .7 g  fiber, 3.1 g  NET CARBS

39.8 g  protein

1055 mg sodium (depends on your bacon)


6 thoughts on “Bacon Smothered Burger

    1. I don’t think either one will “thicken” like cream, xanthan gum or glucomannan will actually thicken. They will just make your gravy grainy, as they are just ground nuts with no gluten like true flour. Instead I would add more cream for a thicker gravy, but your carb count will go up doing that.

  1. Dinner came out great! I had an onion in the garden that still had a green top so I used that for the green onion. The sauce added a lot of flavor to the burger, and mom could even taste it with her head cold. She gave it a thumbs up.

    1. This simple dish pack amazing flavor. People are quick to say it “looks” awful, but I say, when it comes to food, don’t judge it by its “cover”. So glad you and your mom liked it!

  2. I picked up a reduced price round steak today and was thinking about making burger out of it. This would make it something special. Now on the menu for tomorrow!

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