Steak & Mushroom “Pies”

I wanted something that would incorporate a half recipe of pastry I had in the freezer.  My ground beef/ground pork combo turned into this delicious dish!  All-in-all, pretty simple and they cooked fast.  We both LOVED these!  This dish is not suitable for Atkins Induction unless you prepare it without the crust on top.   Then it’s a tasty bunless burger!  To lower calories and fat grams, reduce cheese in each (or eliminate entirely).

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1 lb. ground sirloin or chuck (I use 90% lean)

½ lb. ground pork

½ tsp. my Montreal Steak Seasoning

9 large mushrooms, sliced

3 oz. onion, sliced

2 T. parsley, chopped

2 T. bacon grease

½ c. heavy cream

Several shakes each salt and black pepper

4 slices Swiss cheese (or other white cheese of your choice)

½ recipe my “Flour” Pie Crust

VARIATIONS:  Use all beef, or use all ground pork, or use ground lamb.

DIRECTIONS:  Using your hands or a fork, in a medium bowl, mix the two meats  together in a bowl with the Montreal spice mix.  You will need a 9 x 13 or larger baking pan (I used metal).  Divide the meat mixture into 4 equal portions and shape into a thick patty on the baking pan.  Using your fingers, make a large “well” in the middle for your filling (shape it like a meat “bowl”, in other words).  The “walls” of mine were about 3/4″ tall.   Set aside for now.

Slice the onions and quickly saute in the bacon grease over medium high heat until translucent.  Add the mushrooms and continue to saute until those are also slightly translucent.  Add parsley, salt and pepper and stir.  Add cream and simmer a few minutes to allow it to slightly thicken up.  Turn off heat.  Spoon 1/4 of the mushroom/onion mixture into each meat “well”.  Top each portion with 1 slice of the cheese, torn as needed to fit inside the depression in the meat.  Set aside for a few minutes while you make the crust “hat”.

Preheat oven to 350º.  Mix up the pie crust by that recipe’s instructions (linked above). Save 1/2 of the pie dough for some other use, as you will only need half of it here.  I freeze the leftover portion of dough in a sandwich baggie for up to a month.  Divide the remaining half of the dough into four equal balls.  Roll each ball between two sheets of plastic wrap just until it is the size of your meat “pies” in size.  Remove the top plastic and lay each “cap” of dough atop one of your mushroom-filled meat pies.  Pop pan into hot 350º oven for about 30 minutes or until lightly brown on top as shown in the photo.  Meat should be thoroughly done by then.  Serve at once with a green veggie or salad.

NUTRITIONAL INFO:  Makes 4 meat “pies”, each contains:

744 calories, 57 g fat, 14.8 g carbs, 8.82 g fiber, 5.98 g NET CARBS, 51 g protein, 415 mg sodium


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